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best grooming products for men

Fact #1 – Most men want to be best-dressed and wear the most sophisticated personality, in front of their contemporaries. Fact #2 – Most men do not have/give enough time to self-grooming. Fact #3 – Most men do not like to horde beauty/grooming products, and try to make do with a body wash, a shaving cream […] Read more

Panasonic ES-LV65-S Arc5

Panasonic came up with their Arc5 line of foil shavers to counter the insurgence of Philip’s immensely popular rotary shaver models, and while doing so they held nothing back to fully load the Arc5 razors with all the features a premium quality electric razor must have. The Panasonic foil shavers are widely considered to be […] Read more

shaving against the grain

There are 2 main ways to shave: with an electric or a manual razor. This usually depends on personal preference. It depends on which technique each shaver is more comfortable with. Many men simply start shaving in any random fashion, not thinking about the good/bad effects associated with each technique. Their only goal is to get […] Read more

best beard trimmers 2015

The Age of Bearded Men is upon us yet again! The trend of sporting facial hair, once worn only by hipsters of Brooklyn, has gone mainstream now, with beards getting a nod of approval (or indifference) in the modern office settings too. A beard can make you look fantastic and ultra macho no doubt, but […] Read more

Dovo Classic Straight Razor

The company DOVO Steelware was founded in 1906, over a hundred years ago. The company started in the production of open razors, so you can be sure that they know what they are doing! The Dovo Classic Straight Razor Half Hollow Ground helps you achieve the perfect shave once you have mastered the technique. It […] Read more

how to maintain stubble

Gone are those days when being clean shaven was the only way you would look well groomed. Many sophisticated and stylish men now are adopting a more rugged approach to their facial hair style. From boardroom to bar, stubble is not seen as scruffy any more. However, when not cared for, stubble may make you appear […] Read more

bald with beard look

It’s certainly not for everyone. Pulling off the bald with beard look takes some courage and that’s mainly because shaving your head comes with high degree of risk associated with it. The level of risk tends to diminish after gaining some experience, but if you never  tried it before, seriously consider if you really want this […] Read more

shaving tips for men

Are you looking for shaving tips for men that actually have an impact on the end result? If you do, then go no further, because here you’re going to find our top 5 tips that have the greatest impact on your shave. Because shaving is one of the daily activities of most men, it’s only […] Read more

Seki Edge Feather All Stainless Steel Double Edge Safety Razor

For most people, when thinking about traditional safety razors, the image that comes up is probably of a gent with a handlebar mustache holding a shiny razor. The thing is, the shine of the razor is most likely chrome plating. It looks nice, by all means, but it’s hardly a great option. If you don’t want to […] Read more

how to use shaving cream 1

Every wet shaver knows how important the pre-shave ritual is. If you just decided to give wet shaving a try, then you need to be aware of the proper practices in order to experience the closest and most comfortable shave possible. In this guide we’re going to take a closer look at why it’s a […] Read more