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Captain Fawcetts Moustache Wax

If you finally decided to grow that handlebar mustache you always wanted, besides patience, at some point you’re going to need the right wax. It’s probably the single most important product that you’re going to ever need for this facial hair style. Without the right mustache wax, you will not be able to achieve the exact […] Read more

Philips Norelco S9721

I don’t know the exact reason why, but every time we review the latest in electric shaving, we have that impression that there’s no more room for improvement. Well, as you will see further, we couldn’t have been more wrong about our assumptions. Not every new release is a step forward, but the Philips Norelco […] Read more

how to grow a handlebar mustache

One of the vintage facial hair styles that made a big comeback is the handlebar mustache. You’ve probably seen it around and thought about what it would be like to have one yourself. It has some charisma to it, so it’s only natural to want to find out how to grow a handlebar mustache. The […] Read more

Merkur 34C Review

Using a safety razor is probably the best way to wet shave. You might think they’re basically all the same because they’re all made up of similar parts. In reality, though, there are some differences between them and not every safety razor is the best choice for everyone. One of the more appreciated companies that […] Read more

Van Der Hagen Safety Razor featured img

Shaving with a safety razor is the way to go if you want to experience a quality wet shave. Most wet shavers started out with disposable cartridge razors, but no matter how many blades the manufacturers add to their new releases, they’re never going to surpass the experience of shaving with a double edged safety razor […] Read more

how to sharpen a straight razor featured image

Many men come to that certain point in their shaving journey when they decide to try different techniques to complete the task. If you’re at that point in your journey and decided to give straight razor shaving a try, you probably know that there’s more than meets the eye to this method of shaving. Most […] Read more

Panasonic ES-LV95-S Arc5 featured image

It’s been more than a year since we published our first electric razor review, that of the Philips Norelco 1280x, which is still our favorite to this day. Since then we shared our opinions on multiple electric razors, with the desire to offer you unbiased research results, ultimately helping you make a better, easier and well […] Read more

beard grooming tips

Men grow beards for many different reasons. Beards are, contrary to popular belief, not always a result of laziness, although, most of us have grown an involuntary beard from time to time. Depending on the type of activities you’re involved in, growing a beard is a style option that you might have available, but never […] Read more

Braun 3Series 390CC-4 Shaver

Braun 3 series electric shavers are some of the most popular shavers for men worldwide. It is one of the top choices in electric shavers nowadays. With its unique technology of Triple action Freefloat system, the three cutting elements in the razor are well adapted to every kind of face and can effectively remove both long and short […] Read more


Beards are one of the classical manly symbols. If you’re like most men, you probably think about growing a beard once in a while. The problem is that even if you can grow a full beard, the hard part is maintaining it in a well enough condition for it to compliment your look. This is […] Read more