Braun 790cc Electric Razor Review

Over the years I tried different types of electric razors. I’m a person that’s pretty hard to please. This is why I was surprised about this top of the line Braun razor. My main concerns were tied to the fact that I have sensitive skin and it’s pretty hard for me to find an electric razor that will leave my skin smooth after the shave, and with minimum to no skin irritation. I’ve had some bad experiences in my past with other electric razors that were pretty good, but just not what I was looking for. Another aspect that I pay a lot of attention to is the value for money. I hate spending my money unwisely. Even if a product doesn’t cost a fortune, probably like many of you, I feel cheated if it doesn’t deliver the expected results.

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Quality of Shave

Braun 790cc uses the foil razor technology. Many people say that they experienced a better shave than with the rotary technology. Personally, I haven’t seen a big difference between them. Actually I had a smoother shave with Philips Norelco, which uses the rotary razor technology, but the difference was almost unrecognizable. You should though, change the head of this Braun razor whenever you feel like the shave is starting to decrease in smoothness, and not wait until it cracks.

Skin Irritation

This was one of my major concerns about this razor. I’ve had some bad experiences in the past, especially with foil razors, the results being an average shave and a lot of skin irritation. I was very pleasantly surprised with the Braun 790cc. The shave was smooth and at the end, surprise, no skin irritation, no ingrown hairs, no bad experience at all. Actually it was quite a great experience.

You know how they say that you should give your skin time to adapt to a new razor, for about 30 days, when you first buy it. The Braun 790cc didn’t need 30 days, it shaved perfectly and my skin felt really good after the first shave with this razor.

It’s not one of the cheapest electric razors, but the quality is well worth your money. Look at this electric razor as an investment, because it will serve you for years. And when thinking about this, spread over years, you end up saving money.

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