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Electric Razor Reviews

Below are the top 5 best electric razors of 2014 that stood out after a detailed research involving multiple models. Having sensitive skin, I payed extra attention to certain aspects such as skin irritation level.

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Electric razors can cause irritation, especially when shaving dry. But recent updated technology makes this issue a thing of the past. Plus, many of the razors can be used on wet skin as well, either with shaving cream or gel. This gives you the possibility of shaving very quickly and comfortably during the weekdays\’ mornings and having longer, more ritual-like shaves in the weekend, when time is not pressuring you.

A big pro for electric razors is the ease of use, compared to other types of razors. Using manual or straight razors demands some practice on your part in order to master. Electric razors, on the other hand, are so easy to use, that there\’s absolutely no chance for you to get it wrong the first time you use one of them. Of course there are differences between them, but, generally speaking, they\’re much, much easier and more comfortable to use than any other type of razor.

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Philips Norelco 1290x (2)

                I have been using electric razors for some years now, but was never pleased 100% with the end result. It was either skin irritation or a not-so-close shave as the one I was hoping for. Norelco razors were my favorites in the past, I felt my skin […] Read more

Panasonic ES-LA63-S Arc 4 (1)

The Panasonic ES-LA63-S is without a doubt a step forward from the previous generation of Panasonic electric razors. It’s manufactured in Japan, some of the lower end models being made in China. The blades seem to be slightly more powerful and the shave is a bit closer. The curve present in the “Arc” foils seem […] Read more

Braun 790cc

Over the years I tried different types of electric razors. I’m a person that’s pretty hard to please. This is why I was surprised about this top of the line Braun razor. My main concerns were tied to the fact that I have sensitive skin and it’s pretty hard for me to find an electric […] Read more

Panasonic ES-LV81-K Arc 5 Electric Razor

Nowadays most men are sharing the same morning routine. Time is always scarce and everybody’s in a constant hurry to get to work on time. Shaving is part of that daily routine because most jobs require you to have a fresh shave every day. Instead of wasting precious time before going to work on shaving, […] Read more

Philips Norelco 1280X Sensotouch 3D(2)

                Having used electric razors for some time now, I acquired what I consider to be an informed opinion in selecting the perfect razor which will suit the skin of my face. This is exactly what I want you to gain, the perspective to generate a perfectly informed […] Read more