Remington F5-5800 Electric Shaver Review

Remington is one of the oldest brands, when it comes to making electric shavers. With 75 years of experience, Remington is known to provide its customers with some of the best entry and mid level electric shavers. Remington were the first company to introduce Cordless Rechargeable Shavers back in the 60’s and during the mid 70’s, they came up with electric shavers with a flexible foil system.
Remington shavers are divided into the F- and R- series, where F-series consists of foil shavers and the R-series, of rotary shavers.

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Remington shavers are considered to be the best budget shavers in the market, so if you are looking for a “no-frill”, cheap electric shaver which can satisfy your basic needs and runs easily for 1-2 years, Remington has the best products to offer. Even the top brands fail in comparison to the quality that Remington has to offer in the entry level ($20-$50) segment. The Remington F5-5800, is one of those best budget shavers that Remington has to offer. In fact, we are going to be pretty forwards about this and claim upfront that the Remington F5-5800 is actually the best budget shaver in the market. Period. What makes us so confident in our claim? Read on…

Key Features

1) Pivot and Flex Technology – The foils in the Remington F5-5800 flex independently, which allows them to adjust remarkably well to the facial contours. This makes it easier to shave the hard-reached and tricky areas like the neck, under the chin, and the jawline. Also, due to the “pivot and flex” feature, the razor is able to capture most of the hair above the skin surface (97% as claimed by the makers) giving you a shave matching (or in some cases, even better than) the more expensive rotary shavers.

2) Interceptor Shaving Technology – This unique feature of the Remington F5-5800 is extremely helpful and makes shaving a lot less time-taking. There is an extra cutting head built in between the two flex coils, that allows the F5 to catch those beard hair, which are longer than the stubble to stubble length. This feature is not to be found in any other shaver (foil or rotary) at this price range, and proves to be extremely efficient as you have to make fewer passes to remove all the hair. Most electric shavers (at least at this price range) have been found to struggle if the beard hair is longer than the stubble length, but Remington F5 successfully overcomes this difficulty thanks to its Interceptor.

3) Pop-Up Detail Trimmer – This detail is again, found missing in most of the shavers at this price range. With a pop-up detail trimmer, the F5 is able to give you that extra precise, neat shave in areas such as your sideburns, moustache and hair at the back of your neck. It also allows to cut through really thick and long hair, making for a nicer, more complete shaving experience. The pop-up trimmer can be cleaned separately, if required, by removing the foils and placing it under running water. A word of caution though, you should avoid using it on a particular area for very long or press it too hard, as the sharp blades on the trimmer might end up causing skin irritation at those places.

4) Long Runtime – The Remington F5 sports a very efficient Lithium-ion rechargeable battery, which on a single recharge (of 2 hours) give a running time of 60 minutes. This again is much more than what other shavers in this category can offer. There is a LED display on the front of the F5 which lets you know the current charge level of the battery. The icing on the cake though is the fact that, if you are in a tearing rush and do not want to wait for a full recharge, you can start using the F5 after only 5 minutes of recharging. This again is a feature found mostly in the more expensive products, and what makes the Remington F5-5800 such a winner!

5) Supported Corded/Cordless Usage – The Remington F5 can be used while connected to a power supply via a cord or cordless on batteries. The cordless feature allows you to shave any time, anywhere but in case you have settled in for a long shave or if the battery is almost dead, you will have to use the cord. Using cord should be mostly avoided though, as it has a negative impact on the longevity and efficiency of the batteries.

6) Auto World-Wide Voltage – It allows a usage with power ranging from 100 to 240 VAC, which means that it can be used pretty much anywhere in the world. Also, it is extremely lightweight, comes in a small size and with a handy convenience bag, all of which makes it an ideal travelling companion.

7) Easy-to-Clean Design – The F5 has a very simple and ergonomic design, which does not trap hair while shaving and so it becomes very easy to clean once you are done shaving. Even the surgical grade blades built inside the shaver are 100% washable, and so to clean the shaver after use, all you have to do is rinse it under running tap water. This easy-to-clean design eliminates the need for the automatic cleaning system, which is found in the higher-end models and is one of the reasons why the Remington F5-5800 manages to keep its price so low.


  • Extremely Affordable;
  • Excellent Value for Money;
  • Innovative technologies (Pivot and Flex, Interceptor Technology);
  • Light Weight and fits easily into the hand;
  • Corded/Cordless feature;
  • Easy to Clean.


  • 5-minute recharge may not prove enough for a complete shave, need to recharge for longer duration;
  • Slightly noisy;
  • Foil heads needs to be changed every 4-6 months (not a problem, the replacement foils are quite cheap too!).


Do not take our word, go out, read other reviews or ask other people who have used the Remington F5-5800, they will all vouch for the incredible value that it has to offer considering its dirt cheap price. At $39.99, It comes packed with enough unique and excellent features -Easy operation, Long Battery Life, Comfortable shave, Cordless feature, Interceptor technology, and the Pop-up detail trimmer, all of which make it a clear winner among its competitors.

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