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On January 19, 2014
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"The head is a lot larger than I am used to using but it flows across my face well enough." Amazon buyer review

Remington FR-730

Office going people need to look decent and tidy, for which they have to shave daily. Actually for many people shaving is a very tedious and cumbersome task so some people like to use electric shavers for the purpose instead of manual razors; these shavers give the beard a very elegant look and make you look great. Various brands manufacture electric shavers and one of these is the Remington FR-730 pivot and Flex men’s rechargeable shaver.

There are two kinds of electric shavers available on the market. One of the kinds are the circular headed ones which have a rotary form whereas the others are linear and cut straight. From my personal experience I have found that all these kinds of electric shavers are washable with water and so is the case with the Remington FR-730 pivot and Flex men’s rechargeable shaver due to this fact it is quite easy to keep it clean but the users who do not like to wash their item with water can keep it clean with the cleaning brush that come along.

The plus point of the Remington FR-730 shaver is that it has stainless steel blades that are very efficient and provide a nice shave and that too with ease. It provides the user a three stage cutting system. The shaver has a rubber grip that makes the shaving experience even better because one gets a firm grip of the shaver while shaving and there is no chance of slipping. It can either be used with the cord attached, in case the battery is not charged but if it is charged the cord is no more needed and the cordless mode makes the shaving easier. It comes with a very nice storage pouch which keeps the shaver protected from dirt and other harmful objects present in the open air.

Remington FR-730 trimmer

The battery of this device is quite good and with a battery charging time of about an hour, you can use it cordlessly for a period of about 30 to 35 minutes. An extra feature that comes with this shaver is the battery gauge, just like you have one in a mobile phone, which informs you that how much battery you still have with yourself for use.

The shaver comes with a 2 years limited warranty and is available at various sites from prices ranging from $70.99 to $89.99. The choice rests on the customers about where they choose it from and at what price.

The ability to move the neck of the shaver in multi directions make this shaver quite impressive. These dimensions include front to back, up and down and also sideways. Another benefit is that this device has the ability to cut hairs growing in all directions, due to the multi pattern design of its front foil.

However when this shaver is compared to some other items of this category from brands like Panasonic or Philips, like the Philips Norelco 1280X and the Panasonic ES-LV81-S Arc 5, the Remington FR-730 shaver simply can’t compete due to two main reasons. Firstly due to the reason that its motor is smaller in size and can’t match the high powered, bigger, high quality motors of those other brands and secondly that although the shave is smooth, it’s not that fine as other brands provide.

"The head is a lot larger than I am used to using but it flows across my face well enough." Amazon buyer review

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  1. I had the Remington FR-730 a few years back. It’s average-good, not more and not less. I like this review, and just wanted to add that this razor can last for years, just don’t expect to much of it.

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