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Grooming & Style

how to trim your beard

A stylish beard is a very cool (and inexpensive) way to spruce up your image and the overall manliness that you project. From a lazy full grown beard to a very carefully grown and maintained the Hunter look to a goatee that falls some way in between these two beard styles, a well groomed beard […] Read more

best grooming products for men

Fact #1 – Most men want to be best-dressed and wear the most sophisticated personality, in front of their contemporaries. Fact #2 – Most men do not have/give enough time to self-grooming. Fact #3 – Most men do not like to horde beauty/grooming products, and try to make do with a body wash, a shaving cream […] Read more

how to maintain stubble

Gone are those days when being clean shaven was the only way you would look well groomed. Many sophisticated and stylish men now are adopting a more rugged approach to their facial hair style. From boardroom to bar, stubble is not seen as scruffy any more. However, when not cared for, stubble may make you appear […] Read more

bald with beard look

It’s certainly not for everyone. Pulling off the bald with beard look takes some courage and that’s mainly because shaving your head comes with high degree of risk associated with it. The level of risk tends to diminish after gaining some experience, but if you never  tried it before, seriously consider if you really want this […] Read more

Captain Fawcetts Moustache Wax

If you finally decided to grow that handlebar mustache you always wanted, besides patience, at some point you’re going to need the right wax. It’s probably the single most important product that you’re going to ever need for this facial hair style. Without the right mustache wax, you will not be able to achieve the exact […] Read more

how to grow a handlebar mustache

One of the vintage facial hair styles that made a big comeback is the handlebar mustache. You’ve probably seen it around and thought about what it would be like to have one yourself. It has some charisma to it, so it’s only natural to want to find out how to grow a handlebar mustache. The […] Read more