7 Grooming Products Every Man Should Own

Fact #1 – Most men want to be best-dressed and wear the most sophisticated personality, in front of their contemporaries.
Fact #2 – Most men do not have/give enough time to self-grooming.
Fact #3 – Most men do not like to horde beauty/grooming products, and try to make do with a body wash, a shaving cream and a deodorant.

While the first fact stated here shows that men do yearn for grooming products, the other two facts show that they are too busy to actually use the grooming essentials. That there is little time left in today’s hectic world for a man to care about himself is a widely acknowledged fact, but one cannot simply do without a well-groomed (or at least a presentable) personality to carry himself around.

Markets today offer a lot of grooming products developed especially for men, and men all over the globe have responded with an increasing affiliation towards them in the recent years. Have you joined this positive trend of looking after yourself yet? We hope so! And in case you are still wondering whether or where to start with the self-grooming process, we are giving you a list of 7 best grooming products for men along with the reasons which makes them absolutely essential. Do read on…

1) Face Wash 

If you are still using that old bar of soap for your entire body and your face as well, please stop doing that immediately! Nothing harms your face more than a normal soap bar. It damages your skin, leaves it dry and goes on to alter the skin’s natural pH balance, leaving it dry, flaky and irritated. You should use a facial cleanser to wash off that extra dirt and grease which gets accumulated on your skin. An excellent option in the market today is the multi-functional face wash which not only cleanses the skin of your face, but also exfoliates it. Apart from serving different grooming purposes, the multi-action face wash products also go on to save that precious space on your bathroom shelf as well as that extra money you don’t have to spend on buying different kinds of creams/lotions for your face. We recommend the Lab Series Multi-Action Face Wash for this purpose, which cleanses the skin and ex-foliates it at the same time. Also recommended is the Ursa Major 4-in-1 Essential Face Tonic, which cleanses the face (without applying water), unclogs pores, soothes irritation and hydrates the skin for softness.

2) Facial Moisturiser with Sunscreen

This is a must for every man out there. Your facial skin requires that much extra care and a good moisturizer (along with a good face wash) keeps your face hydrated and fresh all the time. You can use two types of moisturizers – one with sunscreen properties (to use before you step out in the sun) and the other without sunscreen (to use at night, before sleeping and after you have washed off the dirt from your face with a good face wash). Using a moisturizer with SPF allows your face to ward off the harmful UV rays in the sunlight and keeps it fresh and hydrated. Highly recommended are the Grooming Lounge Mug Cleaner face wash (without SPF) and Nivea For Men’s Multi-Protecting Moisturizer with SPF 15.

3) Deodorant

You do not understand the importance of a deodorant until that first whiff of smelly sweat hits your face, while you are busy at work or among people. And it is not only during the hot summers that a deodorant comes in handy, it is equally essential during those chilly winters when regular bathing becomes an arduous task. A deodorant helps you over come the bad, pungent smell of your sweat and helps you avoid embarrassment in public places. Unilever has recently launched its line of spray deodorants, which are different from the usual aerosol filled cans. They dry out instantly and so do not leave a mark or feel sticky when applied on the skin. Marketed as Dove Men+Care Dry Spray antiperspirant, they actually smell good (and not like the high school locker rooms) and have proved to be a major success across the globe.

4) Perfumes & Colognes

There is no fragrance in the World that can replace bathing. They should be only used on clean skin. Fragrances are also great if you want to cover up the smell of your bathing soap or deodorant. Men use perfumes and colognes to smell masculine and generally tend to wear a particular brand of perfume religiously, so much so that they are remembered by the scent they wear. But if you like the smell of your deodorant or even your bathing soap, which are heavily fragrant these days, you can choose not to wear any perfume too. Highly recommended is the Eau Sauvage by Christian Dior, at more than 50 years old, it is as classy as a perfume gets. Interesting innovations have also come about where colognes are concerned and you can now try latest solid colognes to keep that masculine smell on you. Some best known solid colognes is Spruce (by Otter Wax).

5) Hair Products

A good shampoo and a conditioner are absolute bare minimum required to keep your hair free from looking greasy and oily. Be careful to choose a shampoo which suits the kind of hair you have and then shampoo regularly. You are also advised to use other hair products to spruce up your hair and add that excellent texture and shine you always wanted. Today’s hair product market is ripe with hybrids which serve different purposes with the same product. So instead of just a wax, putty, gel, clay or pomade option, you can now find products with a combination of all these. Go for American Crew’s Liquid wax, which controls hair like gel but finishes like wax to impart that healthy texture and shine to your hair!

6) Hair Trimmer

Hair growth is an aspect that connects all men. Most men have body and facial hair, whether they like it or not, and so keeping a beard trimmer or a razor or a more complete body-groomer becomes very much a necessity for them. If you have been lazy so far with that facial hair or those parts of your body which are harder to reach with a razor or a trimmer, it is time now that you took care of them! Go for an electric razor, they are not very expensive and are super fast, safe and easy to use! Philips Norelco Series 9700 is the best buy if you are looking for a no-nonsense electric razor and it will take care of all your hairy needs. Otherwise you can opt for a complete body grooming solution, the Philips Bodygroom Series 3100 body groomer, which is credited with kick-starting the whole “manscaping” trend. It is really a complete hair trimmer, designed in such a way that it can reach areas where a normal razor simply cannot.

7) Dental & Oral Care Products

A winning and healthy, shiny smile goes a long way in setting up your image among people and it might as well turn out to be the factor that sets you apart from a crowd, when you are trying to woo that beautiful girl everyone is after! A good toothbrush is an essential tool if you want to keep that shiny smile of yours for a long time. Our suggestion is the latest bristle-free toothbrush being offered by Foreo, which promises to work for as long as a whole year without having to replace the head! It has no bristles, but instead has a super slick, all-silicone brush head, which is completely bacteria-resistant and bends easily to reach every corner of your mouth. Equally necessary is Flossing, which at a little extra effort can save you those expensive trips to the dentist. Flossing helps by removing the plaque that builds up between your teeth and causes gum problems.

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