How to Pull Off the “Bald with Beard” Look

bald with beard

It’s certainly not for everyone. Pulling off the bald with beard look takes some courage and that’s mainly because shaving your head comes with high degree of risk associated with it. The level of risk tends to diminish after gaining some experience, but if you never  tried it before, seriously consider if you really want this look or not. On top of the high risk of getting cut, it’s a look you will not be able to adapt or change if you don’t like the result. So, be completely sure about what you want.

If you pass this preliminary step, and decide to go with it, congratulations for choosing a very bold and fashionable look. But don’t just put the blade to your skull, start by cutting your hair short enough to be able to decide whether you like what your head looks like or not.

~ The Tools ~

If you reached this part of our guide, then you’ve already made your decision to proceed. To get the bald with beard look you will need the right tools. These are the products that you’ll need:

HeadBlade ATX All Terrain Head Razor

 This is probably the one best tool you can invest in, if you decided to shave your head. At around $15, it offers enormous value for money. Shaving your head can not get any safer, easier and more fun than with the HeadBlade. It looks like a mini ATV with a razor on the back and a soft rubber finger grip. You can also use it to shave your face and body but there are other, better-suited tools for that.

Beard Trimmer

You will also need a good trimmer. There are multiple types you can choose from, and many of them will get the job done just right. What you need to look for is a trimmer with multiple length settings that’s perfectly capable of trimming your beard. It should also be possible to use it to trim your hair to the shortest possible length before shaving your head. This preliminary step will make your shave a lot more comfortable. If you need guidance finding a trimmer, check out our section about the best beard trimmers.

Shaving Soap

Using a shaving soap when you shave your head is essential. There are multiple soaps you can choose from, but we recommend you select one that is glycerin-based, because they provide a smoother shave and better protection against irritation, which can be a lot nastier-feeling on your head.

Aftershave & Face Tonic

To finish off the shave as you’re supposed to, you will need to apply an aftershave and face tonic. It’s important to choose one that calms irritation, sinks in quickly and will not leave a long-lasting smell. After applying the product of your choice, if it’s within our recommendations, you will feel comfortable and your skin will be well hydrated and without any irritation marks. Choose an aftershave that is great for sensitive skin, and preferably paraben free.

~ The Technique ~

Shaving your head is a lot trickier than shaving your face. The chances of getting cut are pretty high, especially if you’re not using a head razor. But if you checked off all the tools we recommended above, then you’re ready to learn how to shave your head:

1. Trim that mane!

Don’t even think about going with your razor directly into tick hair. You can try it out if you don’t believe us, but there’s going to be a lot of discomfort involved. The first thing you have to do is trimming down your hair to the shortest setting on your trimmer. This will make a big difference towards a more comfortable and smoother shave.

2. Wet your head!

This step is very similar with shaving your face. You need to get the area wet because it will make shaving a lot more comfortable. Th best way to go with this to take a hot shower before shaving. The blade will cut through your hairs easier and your pores will be wide open enabling the closest possible shave.

3. Apply lather.

Don’t ever jump over this step, when shaving your head especially. Use your brush and shaving soap to make a thick lather, that you will then apply to your head. Make sure to cover the entire surface with lather, spreading it evenly. This step will make the blade glide and decrease the chances of ending up with a nasty irritation across your head.

4. The main event.

Now, you’re ready to actually start shaving. Start with the sides and work your way up. Try shaving with your hair growth direction. Use your free hand to tighten the skin on every pass. Rinse your blade frequently. Many men will be content with just one pass, but if you feel that the results could be even smoother, than go on with a second pass, this time against the grain to maximize efficiency.

5. Clean your freshly-shaven head.

This step is made up of two parts. First wash your head with warm water, to get off any remaining particles of soap. Second, repeat with cold water. This will close your pores and reduce the chances of irritation.

6. Apply post-shave treatment.

After you’re clean-shaven, don’t waste too much time getting used to your new look, you will have plenty time for that. Apply the after-shave, toner, or moisturizer of your choice.

Why Would You Want to Try the Bald with Beard Look?

Why would anyone want to adopt this style anyway? Didn’t we say it was pretty risky to pull it off, and yeah, so… permanent? Yes, but there are certainly a number of advantages of adopting this style over other, easier to change styles:

  • If you’re balding, it’s a statement! If you’re starting to go bald, which is something that happens to you, you can take the bull by the horns and simply shave your head rather than trying to do a cover-up. Many people could argue that it’s the better thing to do, because it says a lot about you in terms of fearlessness, boldness and style, especially if you add the beard.
  • It’s easy to adapt. It’s by far one of the most easily wearable styles. You can virtually wear it in any circumstances, and match it to different styles. It’s definitely a well chosen style for summer, but it’s great during winter as well, if you don’t mind wearing a hat.

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