How to Maintain Stubble

how to maintain stubble

Gone are those days when being clean shaven was the only way you would look well groomed. Many sophisticated and stylish men now are adopting a more rugged approach to their facial hair style. From boardroom to bar, stubble is not seen as scruffy any more.

However, when not cared for, stubble may make you appear haggard and rough. You don’t want that look, do you? How do you end up achieving a distinguished manly look with your stubble? Do you just sit there and watch it grow?

No, maintaining the stubble that’ll enhance your looks calls for more than that.

How to maintain stubble: Best Practices

First, ask yourself if stubble is the right choice for you. This is because it’s not perfect for everyone. The following are some simple indicators to help you make this decision easier:

You may grow stubble if:

  • You react badly to regular shaving;
  • You are tired of looking baby faced. You require adding some masculinity to your appearance;
  • It is not suitable (perhaps at work) to grow a beard, though you are looking to be less clean cut.

Avoid growing it if:

  • You cannot! There is nothing worse that spotting a half baked stubble;
  • You are not ready to maintain it;
  • Your partner abhors kissing a rough face.

How to maintain stubble: Products

There are several products available that will help you maintain your stubble. They range from shaving gels to face scrubs, trimmers and razors. All these products are required to get that perfect stubble that you envision. The following steps will help you choose the right products for easy maintenance of a proper stubble:

Step One: Exfoliate

Wash your face with high quality facial scrub or face wash in order to eliminate dead skin cells. Your beard will also be lifted, for a smoother glide, through this procedure.

Step Two: Shaving Gel

Next, you should apply oil shaving gel or cream to the area which you are going to shave. Leave this for some 3o seconds so that your beard can soften.

Step Three: Shaping

Take your shaper/ trimmer or razor and carefully shave in the hair growth direction. Do not rush this step. Also keep track of the amount of hair you are shaving. You do not have to remove too much stubble. It will end up ruining your look.

Maintaining the Length

What stops your stubble from becoming a full beard? Where exactly do you draw the line? You will need a beard trimmer for this job. They let you to keep your stubble’s length in check via handy and adjustable cutting edges. Beard trimmers are ensuring all is perfect and even so that your stubble will always look well groomed, never bordering on scruffy.


There it is. Stubble is simple to maintain. It will help to add that rugged masculinity to your face that you have always wanted. There are many benefits of having stubble. It’s easy to maintain and is accepted in many offices across the country. And generally, stubble just makes you look great!

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