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Manual Razor Reviews

If you search for the best manual razors, you\’re probably a wet shave enthusiast who embraces the benefits that come with this type of shaving. It\’s not easy deciding which is the winner in this category because there are, technically speaking, 3 types of manual razors: cartridge razors, safety razors and straight razors. Probably any wet shaver can tell you about the advantages of choosing one of the last 2 methods to experience the best possible wet shave. It\’s ultimately up to you which kind you prefer.

Further you can find details about those that I considered to be among the best cartridge razors.

You can alternatively check out our section about the best safety razors or learn more about the best straight razor brands.


I picked up a Gillette Fusion Proglide Styler with the desire to see if there was any considerable difference between this one and other manual razors, that could justify the purchase. I used it for a few times and found the experience to be very comfortable. The shave was fast, close and the razor was really easy to use. Together with the built-in trimmer it will help you look your best any time. You can also use it under the shower as it\’s waterproof. It uses Gillette Fusion Proglide disposable cartridges, which in my opinion are the best disposable cartridges available. It\’s really simple. You just snap it onto the top of the styler and you\’re ready to use it. In my opinion, this is the best manual razor for men, compounding the essential features that a manual razor should have.

Manual shaving is the original way of shaving. Men have been shaving with manual razors until recent years, when electric razors came into the scene. More and more people switch to electric razors but there are many out there who prefer the manual razor. Shaving with a manual razor is more of a ritual. You can only shave wet, which means you have to allocate some time to shaving every morning and you need complementary accessories such as a shaving brush, shaving cream or gel and a post shave treatment to prevent skin irritation and calm the skin after shaving. This is why I decided to test out different razors in order to identify the one that suits me best. Having sensitive skin, many of you probably know what I\’m talking about, I was very rigorous with the razors I\’ve tested. Below, I\’ve put the best manual razors for men in a table so it\’s easy for you to make a choice between which one suits you best.

Best Manual Razors and Shaving Sets

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I consider these razors to be the best manual razors for men because I had a great experience while shaving and they all have very distinctive looks that would shine in any bathroom.

Some of the features of the best manual razor for men are:

  • Gillette Mach 3 blade included to provide a close safe shave
  • Pure badger shaving brush produces excellent lather with hot water and shaving cream or shaving soap
  • It is very comfortable during the shave. You have a nice grip on it, wet or dry hand, which makes handling very easy.

This is the best manual razor for men according to me. Although I took into account many important aspects when decided upon which is the best of all, you might experience better results with one of the other manual razors.

Now that you\’ve seen my top picks, it\’s your turn to decide which one is the best manual razor for you.

Dovo Classic Straight Razor

The company DOVO Steelware was founded in 1906, over a hundred years ago. The company started in the production of open razors, so you can be sure that they know what they are doing! The Dovo Classic Straight Razor Half Hollow Ground helps you achieve the perfect shave once you have mastered the technique. It […] Read more