Dovo Classic Straight Razor Half Hollow Ground Review

The company DOVO Steelware was founded in 1906, over a hundred years ago. The company started in the production of open razors, so you can be sure that they know what they are doing!

The Dovo Classic Straight Razor Half Hollow Ground helps you achieve the perfect shave once you have mastered the technique. It is a good quality blade- light and easy to hold, but it is still solid enough to give you a good shave, and feel good against your skin. The blade is well shaped, and the curved edges allow for a detailed, close shave, while still giving you the efficient shave of a long blade.

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Like any other straight razor, you must ensure that you practice your technique, but once you have gotten it right, this high quality blade will give you one of the best shaves of your life, without cuts and pulling on your skin. The razor is also well adjusted to new users, as it takes well to re-honing and is forgiving to improper stropping techniques. Once you have learned the right way to strop a blade, and care for it, this high quality and shave ready razor should last a lifetime.

When you buy this blade, you will want to invest in a good shaving soap to help make your skin supple and ready for the shave, in order to help prevent cuts or discomfort. When you begin shaving, it is recommended to start with the smooth parts of your face. The best way to do this is to hold your razor so that the open holder is pointing away from your face. Make sure that you lather your face well, and tighten your skin before you start shaving. Once you are sure your skin is softened with the soap, and you are ready, move the razor at an angle of about 30 degrees, in the direction of hair growth. Some shavers will go against the grind afterwards to get an even closer shave, but it’s not recommended for beginners, as there are some risks involved. Always move it in the direction of the cutting edge to avoid injury, and be careful at corners, dimples and your upper lip.

If there is any weakness in this, it is perhaps the plastic aesthetics of the handle. However, this does not matter in usage, and it does not dull the quality of the blade, so I think it is certainly worth investing in this. Something that one might find a little difficult is that, like most razors, you will need to take proper care of it in order for it to last well.

A razor needs to be taken proper care of in order to make sure it lasts long, and stays sharp. After using this Dovo razor, you need to rinse the blade and dry it fully, making sure there is no moisture left. If you stop using your razor for longer periods of time, then you need to rub the razor with light oil to maintain its condition. Make sure that you don’t keep your razor in a damp place. 


The Dovo Classic Straight Razor is a very good buy for both beginners and experienced straight-razor shavers. It offers a quality blade, with curved edges for detailed shaving, and a solid, straight edge for a close shave. It is lightweight enough to be easy to handle and use, while still being comfortably weighted.

Check out this useful video below if you want to learn how to shave with a straight razor:

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