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Safety Razor Reviews

If I would tell you that there\’s a way to improve your health, help the environment, save money and even feel great about it, all while doing something you already do every day, what would you think? There\’s a method to shave, a method your grandpa probably used. This method is around for over a century and it\’s catching on more and more buzz. It\’s not something new, but it looks like it\’s being rediscovered. I\’m talking about safety razor wet shaving. In this section I\’m not only going to talk about how to find the best safety razor, but I\’m going to tell you the benefits which come with shaving this way, so you have the information and can take the best decision.

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What is a Safety Razor?

Safety razors first appeared at the end of the 19th century, in 1880 to be more specific. They were invented by Fredrik and Otto Kampfe, two guys from Brooklyn, NY. Their design included a single-edge (SE) blade that was attached to the handle at a right angle. The blade was protected by a comb that was put over it, hence the term safety in its name. The double-edged (DE) safety razor appeared some years later, in 1901. It was invented by King Camp Gillette. His design included a disposable double-edged razor, which took off in terms of popularity, since it became the standard razor of the United States Army in WWI.

These days safety razors have an air of vintage luxury and can be found in both designs: single-edged and double-edged. Technically speaking any disposable razor is a safety razor judged by design, but it\’s commonly accepted that people are referring to the type of razors presented in the chart above, when talking about safety razors.

What are the Benefits of Shaving with a Safety Razor?

1. Improve Your Skin\’s Health

The most important reason men rediscover the art of wet shaving is because of their skin. Although some of the better models of electric razors have anti irritation technology and can be used wet and dry, a majority of men don\’t have a lot of time available in the morning and only shave dry. Having a wet shave, at least from time to time, is a practice than will reinvigorate your skin. It\’s very important to keep your skin healthy and well hydrated. This is the basis of a great skin. Try using products of a high quality, because many shaving and skin care products are rich in chemicals that can dry out or harm your skin after consistent use.

2. Save Money

It\’s way more cost efficient for the exclusive wet shaver to go for a safety razor than for multi-blade cartridge razors. Aside from the initial cost of acquisition, the replacement razors cost pennies. For instance, a replacement cartridge for a marketing driven cartridge razor can cost around 3 dollars a piece. The replacements for a traditional double edged razor costs around a quarter. This results into an attractive sum of  savings over a year.

3. Be More Environment Friendly

This has a larger impact when seen on a large scale. The final result will be achieved one wet shaver at a time. When it comes to traditional wet shaving the only waste that you create is the lather that goes down the drain and a metal blade that is very easily recyclable. If you would like to further lower your footprint you might try using a straight razor that will leave absolutely no disposable waste.

4. Improve Your Personal Well-being

Starting your day with a refreshing wet shave, using the best safety razor, will have a way bigger impact on your entire day than you might think. Shaving with an electric razor still remains my favorite method because of the many benefits. On the other hand, when I take a couple of minutes in the morning to go for a nice wet shaving ritual, I smell good, have a smooth face, am energized and overall step very optimistic into my day.

Easy How-to Guide

  • Prepare your beard. In order to do this the right way there are more options but all revolve around the fact that you have to wet your beard. I usually recommend shaving after a hot shower when your pores are open and the beard is soft. It;s important for the beard so be as soft as possible because it\’s easier to shave that way. The other method would be to hold a wet towel over your face to mimic the effect of a shower.
  • Make and apply lather. The easiest way to do this is by putting a nail size drop of cream or gel into your shaving bowl. Then, using your brush, swirl until you get a thick lather. Put it onto your face with a paintbrush motion in order to cover every area.
  • Shaving the beard. Cartridge razors are designed in such a way that you will remove with a single motion a big portion of hair. This may lead to a poor overall shave. On the other hand even the best safety razor that you can find will probably need about 3 strokes to cover the same area, but the shave will on average be of a better quality.
  • Post-shave treatment. It\’s very advisable to use some form of post shave products. If it\’s a cooling aftershave, a lotion or moisturizer it doesn\’t matter, the important thing is to end the ritual accordingly.
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