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Baxter of California Safety Razor Review

Safety Razor by:
Baxter of California

Reviewed by:
On October 18, 2013
Last modified:July 7, 2014


"Baxter of California safety razor helps make my shaving experience a special process for a close shave. Superior shave compare to all my previous plastic etc. safety razors." Amazon buyer review

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I always admired my grandfather shaving with a safety razor when I was a kid. But times changed, and as electric razors made everything quicker, easier and more comfortable, men around the world steered away from the traditional wet shave. Traditional wet shaving can be performed in two ways; either using a straight razor or a safety razor.

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Over the years I’ve tested different types of razors, electric and manual. I got this safety razor while I was travelling. During that time, I was testing out straight razors, but couldn’t get one on the plane with me. So, as I wanted to experience a wider range of wet shaving, I tested this razor from Baxter of California. After I used it for a few days, I was absolutely eager to write this safety razor review.

I found it brought a number of benefits, that are slightly different when compared to different types of razors, such as:

  • Heavier and sturdier blades;
  • Each razor has 4 cutting edges;
  • A blade will last for as long as 3 weeks;
  • The handle has a nice design and will stay in mint condition for years;
  • You can get the closest shave using solid shave soap;
  • This safety razor will transform shaving into a comfortable and authentic ritual.

When making a safety razor review, you have to consider other aspects than when reviewing other types of razors. It’s very difficult to compare the traditional wet shave and the quick and comfortable electric shave. Electric razors have many more features than manual razors, and I personally prefer the electric razor for a daily shave. Manual razors, such as this safety razor from Baxter of California are perfect for the weekends. It’s a great ritual after waking up late. Another option for the traditional wet shave is the straight razor, but you need to get used to shaving with it.

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