Edwin Jagger DE89Lbl Double Edge Safety Razor Review

There is nothing better than a traditional shave. The old saying is if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. And the traditional wet shave style is a lost art that requires good tools. The Edwin Jagger DE89Lbl Safety Razor is one of the better products in this category that above all has a very fair price for the value it offers. The thing is, if you are not used to double edged razors then it might take a little adjusting to get used to this type of razor, but in my opinion in the transition from multi-blade to this single blade is the way to go. There is something classic about lathering your face with a brush and cup, also. Makes you feel more like a man. But seriously when you get used to handling a double edged safety razor like this, you will probably never want another type of razor again. You might cut yourself the first couple of shaves, or feel you do not have a better shave than with your disposable razor, but give it a couple shaves and you will see it is the better way to go.

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When using this Edwin Jagger you might have to dig up some YouTube tutorials on how to do a proper wet shave if you are not familiar, but there are plenty of tutorials, tips, and tricks for the best methods to give a perfect wet shaving. There are even a few videos to show how to do a proper wet shave with a double edge razor in around 10 minutes. You can’t beat that really. And the quality of the razor is impeccable – chrome plated to withstand the constant water abuse and heavy enough to give a nice balance in your hand for that perfect shave. It disassembles into 3 separate pieces for easy cleaning, care, or replacement if ever needed. Just get a good brush and shaving cream and you are set for perfection.

The video below is probably going to be helpful if you don’t know how exactly to perform a wet shave using a safety razor:

One of the best aspects of the Edwin Jagger DE89Lbl, and of double edge razors in general is price. While the razor itself can seem expensive if you are used to buying cheap, disposable razors, the need to only buy blades is much cheaper when you have a razor like the Edwin Jagger. Or if you are feeling up to the task you can get blades that are meant to be sharpened instead of replacing even. And that is even cheaper. Occasionally you will need to buy a brush if you are a bit rough with it. But in an honest opinion, for quality, price, and result a double edge razor like the Edwin Jagger is by far the best way to go. Hands down and no arguments. Best investment for pocket and face. You can never go wrong with quality craftsmanship and a product that lasts you a lifetime, if taken care of.

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  1. Just got my first safety razor this weekend from Amazon and i love it! Its a great shave. Ive been looking around for creams but im going to try some homemade first. Amazon didnt offer any 26 percent off?

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