Merkur 34C HD Double Edge Safety Razor Review

Using a safety razor is probably the best way to wet shave. You might think they’re basically all the same because they’re all made up of similar parts. In reality, though, there are some differences between them and not every safety razor is the best choice for everyone.

One of the more appreciated companies that produce safety razors is Merkur. The razors are made in Germany, just outside of Solingen by DOVO Steelware. They make razors since the beginning of the 20th century, amassing a lot of experience in producing a top-level safety razor.

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They have different models, but probably the best Merkur safety razor is the 34C. It’s also one of the best-sellers and most highly rated safety razors. Let’s take a closer look at the Merkur 34C and see why it’s so popular.

Benefits of the Merkur 34C

The 34C has a lot going for it. It has been one of the most popular safety razors of the last decade. It’s sleek and sturdy at the same time, offering a smooth and comfortable shave. It’s probably the most bang for the buck you can get in safety razors. There are some aspects about this razor that make it one of the bets choices out there:

1. Simple

The design of this safety razor is really simple. There really isn’t anything complicated about it, which is a reason why it’s so great. The handle doesn’t have anything overly fancy about it, on the contrary, it’s exactly what anyone who wants to give wet shaving a try needs. Don’t misunderstand thinking that it’s f low quality. The grip is really good and sure. It continues with an adjustable knob and ends with the head, where you put the blade. It’s really easy to use, because you don’t have to learn anything specific, aside from shaving with safety razors. You can put a blade into the razor and start your shave as soon as it arrives at your place.

2. Light and Smooth

By light we mean that you’re not going to be able to count shaving for workout time. You will not find it difficult to hold and shave by any means. It’s not a feather, though, it just has the perfect weight to it. This well adjusted weight makes shaving actually easier because you will not have to put a lot of pressure on it.

The head of the razor is really smooth and has a perfect angle to your face. This just adds to the comfortable shaving experience that the right weight makes possible.

3. Robust and Well Constructed

Despite of its simplicity, it’s really robust. The handle has the most weight to it, out of all the different parts, which is a good thing. It’s what makes the shave easy. It also offers a superior control. The overall construction is sturdy and feels like it can take some wear. It looks like it could last 100 years, which takes us to the next point.

4. Great Value for Money

At under $50, it’s not priced as a luxury item, but actually looks great and does everything a luxury safety razor should do, with ease and at high standards. It’s one of the most successful safety razors because it’s easy to use and it’s built to last. If you decide to buy the 34C, you’re looking at an item that you’ll be able to proudly leave to future generations.

Who Can Benefit Most From The 34C?

Although it’s a very popular safety razor, it might not be the perfect choice for anyone. It’s not the lightest of all safety razors and the handle is not one of the longest as well. But generally speaking, most men who decide to wet shave will find the Merkur 34C a great tool that makes their first steps in wet shaving to be as comfortable and simple as possible.

But it’s not necessarily a razor for beginners only. More advanced wet shavers who are looking for a new razor will find the 34C as covering their needs elegantly. It’s probably one of the most functional razors that you can find. The designers of this model have put function over form, which is why it’s so efficient and convenient.

Feedback, Ratings and Reviews of Shavers

The Merkur 34C has been rated by 621 customers and averages a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars. The total number of reviewers have rated this razor as follows: 505 rated it 5 stars, 74 rated it 4 stars, 23 rated it 3 stars, 10 rated it 2 stars and 9 rated it 1 star. It’s easy to see what a staggering majority of those who have used this razor rated it 5 out of 5. Let’s see what most reviewers thought about the Merkur 34C:

  • Easy to Use. Most shavers who used this razor thought it was extremely easy to use. Actually it’s pretty straightforward. As soon you get it out of the package and put a blade inside, you’re ready for the first shave with your new Merkur 34C. Thanks to the nice weight on it, a big part of the reviewers thought that the shave was very close, smooth and pretty effortless.
  • Reduced Irritation. One reviewer especially, mentioned that because he has sensitive skin, he always had some degree of skin irritation after shaving with disposable razors. He said that after shaving with the this razor he noticed a significantly reduced level of skin irritation right from the first shave. This is because the razor is constructed to offer a smooth shave without the need to put on too much pressure, and the blade is at the perfect angle to make shaving pretty intuitive and safe.
  • Very Durable and Eco-Friendly. Most reviewers like the way this razor is built. One reviewer particularly mentioned that he had the razor for more than 8 years and that he thinks that it will easily take 100 years of daily shaves without degrading too much. The double edge blades are really cost-efficient, you can get a years supply for what you would have spent on a new set of cartridges.


As we said before, there’s no one-size fits all when it comes to safety razors. There were some weaknesses pointed out by some reviewers. One of the most mentioned weaknesses concerns the adjustable knob, which is sometimes pretty difficult to turn. Compared to other models of safety razors that have similar features, the knob on this model is somewhat stiffer. One reviewer mentioned that he experienced some difficulty shaving his neck because the hair in that area grows in different direction.


Overall, although the Merkur 34C has received some negative comments, it was appreciated a lot by most men who decided to give it a try. The clean and functionality-orientated design made this razor one of the highest rated safety razors on the market. At the price it sells for, it’s also a smart value for money decision.

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