Merkur Adjustable Futur Gold Plated Safety Razor Review

Merkur Adjustable Futur Gold Plated Safety Razor is one of the most desirable adjustable designer razors that most of us would like to bring into our bathrooms. This razor is crafted with glowing gold chrome plating making it look even more desirable and stylish. Most importantly, you are able to adjust the angle of the blade inside the razor head to complement your preference and the size of your beard.

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There are three models of Merkur Futur safety razors. They are similar mechanically but differ in their finishing. The first one is the 700 which has a satin chrome finish; the second one is the 701 which has a shiny chrome finish and the last one is the 702 which is gold plated finish.

The safety razor has the traditional safety shape that ensures it is easy to hold and handle. The adjustable interior steel blade ensures that the safety razor provides a clean close shove. It has a twist handle that makes sure that you are able to adjust the blade angles easily. The unmitigated control of its closeness properties makes the razor feel safe in the hand and amazing against the beard.

The razor has been designed in such a way that they can accept all standard double edge blades including Merkur, Feather and Derby. In most circumstances, the razor is shipped in with only one Merkur blade. This is a simple way of giving the customer an option of looking for another one, which they might feel safe and secure.

In addition to these unique features, the cutting head of the razor allows the user to adjust the razor’s aggressiveness. The handle has numbers running from one to six. These are the adjustment settings of the razor. If someone sets the razor at one, it will have the smallest blade gap. In this case, the double edge is less exposed .This kind of setting is suitable for people having sensitive skin or even lighter hair. Starters are also advised to use this kind of settings before they start adjusting the razor. They also have half marks between each number to increase their accuracy.

There is a snap on the head of the razor. This is a security measure to prevent the blade from shifting and ratting inside the cutting head. It is also designed in such a way that it is unlikely to turn and change the angle of the blade while shaving.

One of the disadvantages of this razor is that individuals used to the traditional shaving may spend more time learning since they are not used to the adjustment dial and how to apply appropriate pressure and also extending the cutting angle. These kinds of individuals often end up with skin irritation.

The other disadvantage is that because of the smooth finish design, it is difficult making adjustments or changing the blade while your hands are wet or slippery.

Finally, it is difficult shaving under the nose due to the large cutting head of the razor. This head makes it difficult for men to shave smaller parts of their faces.

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