Van Der Hagen Traditional Safety Razor Review

Shaving with a safety razor is the way to go if you want to experience a quality wet shave. Most wet shavers started out with disposable cartridge razors, but no matter how many blades the manufacturers add to their new releases, they’re never going to surpass the experience of shaving with a double edged safety razor as far as quality and comfort goes.

Today we take a look at the Van Der Hagen Traditional Safety Razor to find out if it’s a razor worth considering.

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Benefits of the Van Der Hagen Safety Razor

1. Smooth Shave

The most important thing about shaving is the shave itself. It so often happens, with disposable razors especially, that you get a close shave but then you suffer the next hours from skin irritation; which, besides the fact that it really doesn’t feel comfortable, you’ll have a redness that will not pass easily. Having to go into an important meeting where you have to look your best turns into a nightmare scenario.

Yes, the blades that you use with your safety razor make for most of the difference, but the razor itself has an important place in the equation as well. The Van Der Hagen Traditional Safety Razor comes with a set of blades that are made in Solingen, Germany. The razor itself is made in China.

2. Great Grip

This razor’s handle is 3 inches long, which might seem somewhat short for many shavers. Truth is, men with bigger hands might prefer a razor that has a longer handle, like the Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor, that is about an inch longer. On the other hand, the Van Der Hagen Safety Razor’s handle has a knurled design that ensures a firm grip and a good level of control.

3. High Value for Money

Out of all the types of shaving tools, safety razors are, generally speaking, one of the most cost-efficient options you have. There are some models that are closer to $100, like the Merkur Adjustable Futur Gold Plated, but most run up to about 40-50 bucks maybe. The cost of double edge razor blades is pretty low. Over time you save more money without having to always pay 20 dollars for another set of 4 disposable blades that will last for about 3 shaves each. The truly great thing is that safety razors also offer some of the closest and smoothest shaves.

More cool features:

  • Chrome plate brass construction;
  • Butterfly opening for quick blade change.

Feedback, Ratings and Reviews of Customers

A total number of 43 shavers have reviewed this safety razor and rated it in average with 4.3 out of 5 stars. This average is made up of 27 that rated it 5 stars, 9 that rated it 4 stars, 3 that rated it 3 stars, 3 that rated it 2 stars, and 1 that rated it one star. Let’s take a look at what most reviewers of the Van Der Hagen Traditional Safety Razor thought about it.

  • Safe Design. Due to the way it is built, the blade is in a very safe position, virtually eliminating any chance of cutting yourself. This is an aspect that many wet shavers have mentioned and liked. It’s best suited as a first safety razor for men who haven’t used this method of shaving before. It’s pretty forgiving until you find the right angle.
  • Easy Cleaning. A wet shaver has mentioned how easy it was to clean this razor. It’s as easy as holding the razor under running tap water. The butterfly opening system is a great feature that lets you easily clean any hard  to reach corners and change your blade as quick as possible.
  • Smooth and Close. Most wet shavers who have tried this razor out say the same thing: the shave is very close and smooth. One shaver has mentioned how easy it was to shave even stiffer beard that he grew for a few weeks. With safety razors, a big portion of the result is due to the blade, and the Van Der Hagen Safety Razor comes with high quality sharp blades.
  • Reduced Irritation. Many reviewers of this razor said that they had some doubts about using a safety razor because they very often suffered from skin irritation after shaving. Most of them said they couldn’t believe how much more comfortable and smooth the shave was when using this razor as compared to the disposables they were used to.


Although most men who tried this razor out rated it 5 stars out of 5, there were some shavers that complained about certain aspects. Some reviewers said that due to the design, they felt like the manufacturers did a far too diligent job making it safe, and that they would have liked more blade exposure. Another reviewer complained about the handle being too short and mentioned difficulties holding it with wet hands.


Overall, although there were some men who complained about certain aspects of this razor, most shavers who bought the Van Der Hagen Traditional Safety Razor were more than happy with their choice. Considering the price this razor goes for and the cost of the blades, it’s one of the decisions that will have a positive impact on your finances over time.

1 thought on “Van Der Hagen Traditional Safety Razor Review”

  1. Владимир Жириновсий

    Count me as 5/5 satisfied. Nicked my chin 1x learning the proper angle—and I’m coming from 45years of electric (Norelco before Philips/Funai ruined a quality brand, then Braün)

    The shaving soap lasts forever, and is better-than-average. The quality of the blades is as good as mentioned herein. But Van der Hägen shave butter is my all-time-favourite. Only Beckham’s House 99 comes close (if you can afford it.). My only wish: since shave butter doubles as moisturiser, an SPF sunblock would be a nice addition.

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