How To Choose The Best Razor For Men: The Ultimate Guide

best razor for men

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By far the most frustrating thing I have to do in the morning is shaving, not only because it’s time consuming but also because I have sensitive skin. Over the last couple of years I’ve tried over a dozen razors (electric and manual) and I can say with a certain level of conviction that I know a thing or two about these products. The first thing I can tell you is that not all products are what they’re advertised to be (shocking, right?). This is why I decided to create this website where I’m going to share with you my honest reviews and opinions about the best razor for men on the market and not only.

In the table below you’ll see that I’ve rated the electric razors based on the following characteristics:

  • Ease of use. This is a combination of factors like handling and precision of cut while trying to style any area of your facial hair.
  • Wet and Dry. I consider this to be an important aspect especially for people like me with sensitive skin because wet shave is much better than a dry one where even a top electrical shaver can cause skin irritation or ingrown hairs.
  • Rating. This is a general rating of the product.
  • Battery life. I consider this to be a quite important aspect due to the following reason. Some razors take a lot of time to charge yet the battery lasts far too little time and you don’t want to end up with only half your face shaved. Also some razors have an LED screen indicating the status of the battery. (very useful)
  • Battery charging time. Again I consider this to be an important aspect but not a determining factor.
  • Skin irritation level. For me personally this is a determining factor and you’ll see that I’ve rated it low, medium and high.


Top 3 Electric Razors

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If you rather prefer the traditional wet shave, then you’ll probably find what you’re looking for in the next table:

Top 5 Safety Razors

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Now, I’ve ranked Philips Norelco 1280x on top because I think it is the best razor for men on the market right now. It is in my opinion the best razor for men because it constantly passed a set of different tests and ended up consistently with great results. It is very easy to use, it has a comfortable elegant grip. Its rotary razors evenly distribute pressure along your face while you shave, thus resulting in far less skin irritation. The ease with which you can cover any angle of your face leads to a gentle but precise shave.

Panasonic ES-LV81-K Arc 5 is a good buy too. What I like about it is it’s 5 blade system although the head may be considered by some people a little too big. The cleaning system is also making your life easier, and of course the option of either having a dry or a wet shave.


Why Do We Need To Get The Best?

We as humans are designed to always want to get the best. No matter how limited our budget is, we always look to get the best we can afford within our budget. But as with everything in the universe, the best is relative as well. The best depends on the number of preferences and factors someone takes into account when purchasing such products.

For some people the best razor for men is the most expensive razor, judging the product solely by its price tag. For others, the best might be the cheapest one, not taking into consideration its quality or features. Other people might guide their choice more on a certain feature that they value more than other.

Aside from the foregoing, the following are just some of the many arguments why you should consider the best:

  • you will satisfy what you really wanted, in the first place
  • you will be able to select the product based on the exact features that suit you
  • you will do your skin a great favor, as a lower quality razor may stress your skin more than you think
  • you can even save more, by buying the best. While lower prices are associated with lower quality, choosing a product of a higher quality standard will save you money in the long run. Some low-priced products might seem like a bargain for the moment, the reality is they have to be replaced more often
  • imagine, choosing the best razor for men available right now will give you the gift of starting every morning with a self-esteem boost and feeling throughout the day comfortable and relaxed


How to Find The Best Razor For Men?

Panasonic ES-LV95-S Arc5 featured image

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As I said before, choosing the best razor on the market might be tricky, because it’s not something universally applicable. For some people certain features may be more important than others in taking a decision towards purchasing a certain razor. But generally, certain qualities have to be found in a product to fit perfectly the needs of the consumers. Of course there are other aspects as well, but they tend to fall under the the category of personal taste, which can’t be ruled out of the entire equation when choosing the best razor for you.

A set of factors comes together when most men choose the best razor to fit their needs. Some of these factors include the following:

1. Features and specifications

One of the main factors that you need to have in mind is the set of features and specifications of the product that you are eyeing to buy. More exactly, these could be some or all of the following:

a. Skin irritation. Some of them cause a higher level of irritation but there are a consistent number of razors that leave your skin smooth and refreshed, not anywhere near irritated. This depends a lot on the type of skin you have. Razor burns and dry, itching skin are common results after shaving for many people. Skin irritation is caused by the the pressure on your skin, by dull razors, and a high sensitivity of the skin. A certain razor would leave your skin red and itchy if you had sensitive skin but would harm your skin far less if you had a less sensitive skin. Personally, I prefer to look for high quality as I had past experiences of razors leaving me with skin irritation. You just don’t want to start your day like that.

The shaving surface is another point in determining how much of an irritation you will be left with. The quality of the blades as much as the technology used to catch every hair type contribute to the entire score. A good blade quality combined with the ability to adjust to every curve of your face are determining factors that lessen the stress on your skin.

b. Wet & Dry Shaving. There is a growing number of men that opt for an electric razor. It used to be because it was quicker, creating less mess and they were less likely to get cut. But now a large range of electric razors offer you the option between a comfortable dry shave or a refreshing wet shave, both options equally easy and quick.

The days when electric razors had the inability to offer the same precision and freshness as manual razors are long gone. The technology of many of the top quality razors, enables them to offer you the best experience to start your day with. This is why I consider that nowadays although manual razors are highly efficient, an electric razor qualifies to be the best razor for men. The difference between them is the type of blade technology used by different manufacturers to deliver the results that you seek. The decision at this point is between rotary razors and foil razors. Both highly efficient technologies, they differ in points like comfort, durability and the efficiency in leaving less mess around. The rotary razor design does a great job at leaving less mess, due to the movement of the blades that capture the hairs and store them for disposal.

c. Cleaning system. I consider this to be an important feature when I go about choosing the best razor. We live in a world where time gets more and more precious, and you’re already sacrificing time working and  managing daily chores. The key to a less stressful and happier life is freeing up more time. When it comes to picking a razor you have to think about the fact that you will use this tool every day and that it will eat up a small portion of your time every day. You could easily quit shaving but that’s not an option. So you have to manage to reduce the time and stress shaving demands of you every day. In order to achieve this you have to select a razor that is quick and comfortable but also has a cleaning system that will add up time spent pointless and gives you the opportunity of enjoying your breakfast and starting a great day. When choosing a razor always consider the added value of a great cleaning system. A great cleaning system should clean, lubricate and charge the razor so you don’t have to spend time doing these things manually. And speaking of charging the razor, the life of the battery may prove itself critical in some circumstances, as you don’t want to end up with a half-shave.

d. Trimming and Styling. The best razor for men needs to be capable of opening up your options when you feel like trying out a facial hair style. Some razors have built-in trimmers, others have changeable heads which allow you a great variety of cuts. The best razor on the market should have no problems trimming a beard to perfection. With the right product there are options for an easy and precise fix for any type of facial hair. If you usually have some type of facial hair, you could use a beard trimmer.

2. Industry Ranking

There are some organizations and platforms that can provide you with industry ranking based on qualifications they have set on their own. In spite of this, I recommend not only looking to the rankings, you must also read on the bases why a specific product has ranked between top products competing for the position of the best razor for men. More than that, you must make sure that it’s not a “paid” ranking as it might mislead you.

3. Reviews

Like the industry ranking there are lots of razor for men reviews that you can read over the internet. These are all useful because these will tell you many things about the use and experience of using these products. Also, like the industry rankings, you must again make sure that the reviews you read are genuine not paid ones.

4. Price

Last, but not least, price is a determining factor when deciding about which product to choose. Many people are considering this factor the most important one, taking it into account at the very beginning, and getting to a rushed decision. On the other hand there are people who understand that in some cases, the price might be very justified, and that they sometimes even get more than they pay for, making such a product actually a money-saver.


Now that you’ve seen my top picks, it’s totally up to you which one you choose as the best razor for you. It depends on different aspects such as budget and any specific characteristics you’re looking for. But, there are certain guidelines that you can take into account when choosing the best razor for men. And always remember, don’t set the bar too low when your face is at stake.

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