Top Shaving and Men’s Lifestyle Sites

If you’re interested in the best shaving products, then you’re probably a person with high standards and always want to look and feel your best. There are many resources when it comes to men’s lifestyle, but only those that I considered to be the best among them made it to the list below. The shaving community is especially well knit together and promotes high men’s lifestyle standards with an abundance of high quality information. We only featured the ones we liked most. So, take a look and enjoy what you find! The sites are not in any particular order so make sure to check out each of the ones that made it to our list.

The Art of Manliness

If you access this website you’re probably going to forget about the concept of time. The Art of Manliness is one of the most extensive resources on just about anything concerning men: style, grooming, finance, health, sports, relationships and many more. They’re probably the best resource on the art of manliness.


The writing is one of the best parts of Sharpologist, which is one of the most engaging and witty styles I’ve encountered. It’s really refreshing. It’s a great site to visit because it’s so refreshing. They cover shaving very well and also branch out to other domains such as men’s style and fashion.

American Mustache Institute

You’re probably going to be amazed as well about this website once you check it out. The American Mustache Institute has a style of its own. The blog is packed with articles that are not only engaging but full of personality. Honestly, it can make almost anybody want to grow a mustache.

Shaving 101

Shaving 101 is one of the best resources in the online shaving community for wet shaving education. If you’re new to this way of shaving and have mainly used electric razors until now, here you can find useful information to get you started.


Selectism is a standard for high end men’s fashion and lifestyle. The mission here is to give you the very best in a wide range of products like clothes, accessories, books and others. The taste of the editorial staff is exquisite. You can’t possibly go wrong going with the choices that they present to you.The Store Guide that you find on this website is one of the best tools to help you find the best fashion and style stores around the country.


Valet is a great resource for men’s fashion, lifestyle and grooming where you can find a comprehensive index of stores in form of a personal shopper that helps you find the best clothing stores in all the major locations. They also have a section where you can ask any fashion related question that you can think of. You can also see previous answered questions. Overall the site is very useful.

Leisure Guy

If you enjoy reading articles and opinions on a multitude of subjects from shaving to politics to education then you  will find Leisure Guy to be really interesting. The website is a great symbol for the interests of worldly men. There you can also find Leisure Guy’s Guide to Gourmet Shaving, which is a useful book on wet shaving.

How To Grow A Moustache

How To Grow A Moustache is a blog that offers the uncommon stache wearing lad tips and insider pointers on grooming the moustache and beard, as well as instruction on fashion and travel. How to Grow A Moustache, has a dedicated team of writers and guest writers from within the male grooming, fashion and travel industry offering up interesting and unique topics on all things pertaining to a modern day gent’s lifestyle.

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