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Shaving Tips

Shaving is not everyone\’s favorite activity, so the right shaving tools and knowledge-base can go a long way towards a better morning routine. Browse through our articles in this section and find useful shaving tips and opinions on different aspects of shaving and grooming.

shaving cream alternatives

In case you wonder whether it is at all possible to shave comfortably (and shave well) without using a shaving cream, the answer is yes. In fact, in some cases it might be better to use an alternative to a shaving cream! But why would anyone want to opt for an alternative when there are […] Read more

Parker 71R Safety Razor Shave Set

Maintaining the facial fuzz can be quite a task. An even arduous task is choosing all the right tools for accomplishing shaving in the most perfect way. You need at least a quality razor, a soft shaving brush, a well moisturizing and exfoliating shaving cream and a good pre- and after-shave lotion. Instead of going […] Read more

best shaving soap reviews

Shaving soaps or shaving pucks remain the classic way to lather up a barbershop quality shave at home. With simple yet premium quality ingredients, nothing comes close to shaving soaps in terms of providing a close, irritation-free and luxurious shave. There are many excellent shaving soaps available in the market but not all of them […] Read more

what to do when you cut yourself shaving

You do not become a man without cutting yourself while shaving at least once in your lifetime. Period. Whether it happened because you were in a terrible rush to get through the process or whether because you were still half-asleep in the morning, every man has and will nick himself sometime while pulling a sharp […] Read more

shaving against the grain

There are 2 main ways to shave: with an electric or a manual razor. This usually depends on personal preference. It depends on which technique each shaver is more comfortable with. Many men simply start shaving in any random fashion, not thinking about the good/bad effects associated with each technique. Their only goal is to get […] Read more

shaving tips for men

Are you looking for shaving tips for men that actually have an impact on the end result? If you do, then go no further, because here you’re going to find our top 5 tips that have the greatest impact on your shave. Because shaving is one of the daily activities of most men, it’s only […] Read more

Seki Edge Feather All Stainless Steel Double Edge Safety Razor

For most people, when thinking about traditional safety razors, the image that comes up is probably of a gent with a handlebar mustache holding a shiny razor. The thing is, the shine of the razor is most likely chrome plating. It looks nice, by all means, but it’s hardly a great option. If you don’t want to […] Read more

how to use shaving cream 1

Every wet shaver knows how important the pre-shave ritual is. If you just decided to give wet shaving a try, then you need to be aware of the proper practices in order to experience the closest and most comfortable shave possible. In this guide we’re going to take a closer look at why it’s a […] Read more

how to sharpen a straight razor featured image

Many men come to that certain point in their shaving journey when they decide to try different techniques to complete the task. If you’re at that point in your journey and decided to give straight razor shaving a try, you probably know that there’s more than meets the eye to this method of shaving. Most […] Read more

beard grooming tips

Men grow beards for many different reasons. Beards are, contrary to popular belief, not always a result of laziness, although, most of us have grown an involuntary beard from time to time. Depending on the type of activities you’re involved in, growing a beard is a style option that you might have available, but never […] Read more