5 Shaving Tips for Men That Will Dramatically Improve Results

shaving tips for men

Are you looking for shaving tips for men that actually have an impact on the end result? If you do, then go no further, because here you’re going to find our top 5 tips that have the greatest impact on your shave.

Because shaving is one of the daily activities of most men, it’s only natural to make it as pleasant and efficient as possible. A good technique, high quality shaving tools and the right post-shave routine will make your face look at its best. And isn’t that what we all long for, ultimately?

Before diving into our top 5 shaving tips for men, we have to admit one thing: each of us is unique. Some have sensitive skin, and get irritated far more easily, some have acne prone skin, and feel the tension building up when it’s time to shave. When putting our top 5 together, we decided to include tips that are generally applicable, so even if you have dry or greasy skin, these tips will make a difference towards a more comfortable and smoother shave.

Tip #1: Always wet your beard before shaving

There’s mainly 2 ways to do this right. You either shave after you shower or you can use a hot towel on your beard for a few minutes to get the same results. When you wet your beard, the hairs get softer and the pores of your skin will open up wide, letting you cut the hairs closer.

Although a safety razor or straight razor will, on average, cut closer than an electric razor, there are some electric razors that are capable of wet shaving and will do a great job as far as smoothness is concerned. Many shavers say that electric razors have a bigger chance of irritating your skin, but it’s not a generally applicable rule.

In the end, if you wet your beard thoroughly, you increase the efficiency of your shaving tool.

Tip #2: Choose the right shaving tool

Depending on your specific needs, there are 2 main options: manual razors and electric razors. Manual razors include safety razors and straight razors. Disposable cartridge razors are not really an option, because safety razors are better in all aspects.

If you prefer wet shaving, although some electric razors are capable of wet shaving, your best choice is selecting a safety or straight razor. If you’re a beginner, you are far better off starting with a safety razor. The right technique is easier to learn and there are smaller chances of getting hurt. When you’re at the stage where you are comfortable shaving with a safety razor, and want an even better shave, then you can look for a straight razor. With straight razors, your daily routine turns into an authentic ritual. You will have to spend some time to get a hang of it, but once you’re comfortable you will be able to achieve the closest shaves.

The other option you have are electric razors. They fall under two categories: rotary or foil shavers. Some of the better models of both types offer some really great shaves. You are also able to use them on a wet beard, using shaving cream. But you should consider buying an electric razor, preferably if you need a tool that you can use to dry shave, and that can perform fast. As mentioned before, it all comes down to your specific needs. But whichever those are, there are great solutions for any case.

Tip #3: Always use a shaving brush to make and spread the lather

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One of the most important factors that influences how comfortable the shave is the lather. A rich lather that is spread evenly on your beard will hydrate and soften your beard, making the blade glide onto your face. If you use lather properly you will need less passes of the blade to get the desired results. To make and spread the lather properly you will need a shaving brush. With a brush you will be able to obtain a very rich lather and to spread it evenly with ease. Because you will have to cover the entire surface that is about to be shaved completely, you will not be able to achieve this without a brush.

Tip #4: Is going against the grain worth it?

You probably have thought about this before: is against the grain going to yield a closer shave? This is a much debated subject, but most wet shavers say that although you might be able to get a closer shaver, going against the grain is not worth it. When you shave against the direction of hair growth, you will be able to obtain a slightly closer shave because the razor will force the hair upward when going over it. Because you force it in an unnatural position, you could hurt your follicles, end up with razor burn, or even worse, ingrown hairs.

The thing is, that you might, it doesn’t mean that you will experience one of these conditions. It only means that you’re taking responsibility of a heightened risk when you shave against the grain. You can try it out, experience a slightly closer shave, and stick with it, if you don’t experience any discomfort, but it’s not recommended. The best thing you can do is check out your hair growth direction, and use short strokes to get great results, by any standards.

Tip #5: The proper post-shave treatment

After you finish shaving, do a last check to make sure that there are no hairs that you missed, especially on the neck. Once you do that wash your face with warm water and apply an after-shave or any other post-shave treatment that hydrates and calms your skin. If you have sensitive skin, make sure to use products that are recommended for sensitive skin.

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