How to Choose the Best Double Edge Razor Blades

If you have or just bought a safety razor, then you probably are looking for the best double edge razor blades that you can find. Honestly, any blade will get the job done but you want a blade that will last longer and will do the best possible job. Before going into details about those that we recommend, below is a comparison table of the best razor blades:

Important aspects that you should consider when looking for the best double edge razor blades

Choosing the best razor blades is not the easiest thing. Their size and design are the same, which actually makes sense if you think about it. They all have to fit safety razors, so a standard for all the blades on the market is a natural thing. Below are some important facts about double edge safety razor blades, that help you make an informed decision when choosing the ones to use with your safety razor:

  • Price. This is one of the best things about safety razor blades. They all are priced somewhere between 15 and 60 cents. If you compare them to disposable manual razors, which run between 1 and 6 dollars, it’s safe to say that, in the long run, shaving with a safety razor is a financially wise decision.
  • Material. The majority of razor blades are made of stainless steel. Over the stainless steel most have a teflon or platinum coating. The coating depends though on the manufacturer. Some make their own coating.
  • Sharpness. Double edge razor blades have different levels of sharpness, although many people don’t make huge difference between them. The sharpest blade is not necessarily the best choice. Sharpness is not the only contributing factor to a perfect shave, but is one of them. For most men, the ideal blade would be reasonably sharp, but not sharpest.
  • Performance. Many variables contribute to the performance of a particular razor blade, such as your beard’s thickness, growing direction, the shaving cream that you use and last but not least, your razor. It’s really hard to determine which blade is perfect for you, but we thought it’s important for you to expect a period of trial and error before finding the perfect combination.
  • Durability. This again is pretty relative, mainly to your beards thickness and to pre shave products that you’re using. You should expect a blade to last up until 4-5 shaves, maintaining the same level of performance. After that, the risk of getting cut or razor burn increases dramatically. But again, it depends on your personal case.

Those are some aspects that you should be aware of when looking for a blade for your safety razor. Further we’ll go into details about some that we considered to be among the best double edge razor blades. If you want to test around first to know which blade is best for you, then you should go for one of the razor blade sample packs, that you can find in different combinations.

Feather Razor Blades NEW Hi-stainless Double Edge

Feather Razor Blades are some of the sharpest blades out there. They’re made of stainless steel coated with platinum. The edge on these blades is extraordinarily sharp. They’re best suited for shavers with some experience with safety razors. Thanks to their sharpness, they’re well suited for shaving multiple days’ thicker beard. To have the best shaving experience you should use them with heavier razors, such as the Merkur Futur Gold Plated.

Astra Superior Premium Platinum Double Edge Safety Razor Blades

These blades are some of the most popular razor blades among wet shavers. Truth is they fit the majority of men: they are not too sharp, and last a good number of shaves. The blades are made of stainless steel with a platinum coating. They work well with most types of razors. Most men who tried them out think they offer a close and comfortable shave and great value for money.

Wilkinson Sword Classic Double Edge Safety Razor Blades

The blades are triple coated; with chromium, to resist corrosion, with ceramic, to add durability and PTFE to decrease the chance of irritation. The blade is a strong competitor for stainless steel, having an extensive durability and a good sharpness. The shave is comfortable and smooth and it fits most standard DE razors.

As we said before, you might have to test a bit until you’ll find the perfect blade for you, but we thought these to be some of the best double edge razor blades that you can find.

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