What are the Best Straight Razor Brands?

Choosing a high quality straight razor is a pretty hard task, and more so if you never used a straight razor before. If you are a wet shaver and had a similar journey to most wet shavers, then you probably started out with a mass produced razor like the Gillette disposable razor. Once you got tired of this method you probably moved to a safety razor and found that this type of shaving is so close and comfortable that you asked yourself why you didn’t try this out sooner. The next step for most wet shavers in this journey of discovering different tools and techniques is the straight razor.

Shaving with a straight razor is probably one of the most scary techniques. Mos men will feel as if they have a weapon in their hand, and truly so, it can inflict some injury if not used the proper way.

To those of you that have reached this point of no return, in your wet shaving journey, further we’re going into details about some of the best straight razor brands. This will ensure that you have a knowledge basis that gives you the advantage of taking an informed decision when buying a certain model.

There are great straight razors made by different manufacturers. It’s not necessarily true that a certain brand will always produce the best straight razors. But you could possibly identify key advantages in a certain brand and make future decisions easier as you know what to expect.

Best Straight Razor Brands

Most Legendary: Hen & Rooster

Hen & Rooster are one of the traditional american companies to produce high quality and durable products, since 1845. They certainly don’t lack experience in this field. One of the advantages that you notice as soon as you pick up one of these straight razors, is the weight. It just has a perfect balance to it. Every wet shaver that went through a few badly designed knock offs will appreciate the feeling that these straight razors offer. Let’s look at some of the deciding aspects concerning this brand:

  • Price. The people over at Hen & Rooster know what a great value for money offer means. They price their razors fairly affordable, assuring the shaver will feel they over-delivered for the price paid. They run at about $60-$70 dollars.
  • Shaving experience. This straight razor is designed to do best what it’s supposed to do. Beyond that, don’t expect much more. It gives a close and comfortable shave and has an old notion of reliability to it.
  • Style. You either love or you hate it. The company produces fine shaving equipment since 1845 and they haven’t changed much since, style-wise. If you look for something more sleek and modern, then read on, if not, with this straight razor you’ll be able to rediscover the classical feeling of shaving with a straight razor.

Most Stylish: Dovo Straight Razors

Dovo Straight Razors are some of the most easily recognizable brands because of their unique style. They are bold, modern and always pushing the limits of the conventional.

  • Price. Dovo straight razors do not fall in a single price range. They have more reasonably priced models, around $30-$50, but also higher end models between $100-$200. There are differences between them, but especially if you’re a beginner, when selecting a straight razor one of the deciding points that you should consider is whether it performs well and is comfortable enough. According to our experience, the lower priced ones performed great, strengthening the all around Dovo brand as one of the best straight razor brands around.
  • Shaving performance. It shaves well, featuring an all around good disposable blade. If you have more beard growth, you might find it hard to shave off with this razor because it’s pretty light. You will probably have to trim your beard before using this razor. An obvious disadvantage of the design on this model is the fact that although it’s really attractive, it’s less comfortable than other straight razors that we’ve tested.
  • Difference-maker.  Dovo is one of the few straight razor manufacturers that make razors with disposable blades. It’s adds to the comfort factor, as in you don’t have to sharpen the blade. It can make all the difference in the world especially if you’re a beginner. You can better focus on learning the technique right. At some point, you might want to get a traditional one but overall this is a good value for money purchase.

Most Luxurious: Thiers-Issard Straight Razors

Thiers-Issard makes some of the most high-end straight razors on the market. The one we featured is in a league of its own. If you want to acquire a piece of shaving art, then you don’t have to look any further.

  • Price. It’s not a surprise at this point if I tell you that these razors are pretty expensive. If you think about buying one of these, you should probably expect a price tag in the $200-$300 range. Pretty much in comparison to other options. But what you are really getting is something that you can pass on from generation to generation.
  • Shaving performance.  If you make sure to sharpen it properly, this straight razor will make shaving a breeze. It has everything it needs to offer the most comfortable and close shaving experience.

Most Affordable: Parker Straight Razors

Parker is a company with a long history of high quality, affordable shaving tools. We’ve tested some of the safety razors they manufacture and were pretty impressed, naturally we wanted to explore some of their straight razors as well.

  • Price. They’re known for affordable prices. Most of the straight razors are under $30, which is perfect if you’re a beginner and are not sure if you want to invest in a more pricey piece. The quality you get is pretty good for the price you pay.
  • Shaving experience. The shave was surprisingly good. The model that we tested had medium weight, a sharp blade and a nicely designed handle that is comfortable to hold. A notable advantage is the fact that it holds the blade really well, so the risk of getting injured decreases significantly.
  • Style. Most of these razors are made of stainless steel almost entirely. They look and feel great.

There are more brands that make fine straight razors and could have entered this list, but our main mission was to offer you great value for money options, and some helpful guidelines that should help you choose the best fit for you more easily.

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  1. This is a great review site. You should really review the Dolo Ebony Black. It’s one of the nicest razors out there and what I personally use.

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