Find the Best Head Shavers for Men

There comes a time in some men’s lives when the need of a head shaver arises. It doesn’t matter if the cause is partial baldness or the desire to make a change of style, the important thing is you should choose a high quality product that is easy to use. The right head shavers combined with the proper ritual will result into a smooth shaven head and the lack of skin irritation.

In case this is the first time when you consider shaving your head, I suggest you should make your first try at it at the beginning of a vacation or at least at the beginning of a weekend. You should plan it so you have enough time to get used to your radically new style and let your scalp turn to a more even color, before you let others see the the new you.

Below you will find an easy 3 step guide that will help you achieve the best results. Allow yourself enough time for this routine. Don’t worry, the time required will decrease after a few shaves, when you get used to the process.

First Step: Preparation

Always shave after having a hot shower. The hot water will open your pores, clean your skin of impurities and soften the hairs. Use a cloth or a sponge and rub it against your hair growth direction. This will straighten up your hairs and make shaving much easier. Afterwards apply shaving cream and let your hair soak up for a few minutes. The softer your hairs, the easier it is to shave without irritation. Always prepare thoroughly. This is vital for a good shave.

If this is the first head shave, clip your hair as short as possible and use a an exfoliating product to clean your scalp before shaving. 

Second Step: Shave

It’s useful to have a small mirror at hand. You should always check as you shave from every angle and make sure that your shave is even. You don’t want to miss any spot. Also, shave in a room with bright lighting.

There are multiple ways to shave your head, using different head shavers, but I recommend using an electric head shaver rather than a usual manual razor. You could also try using an electric razor. Start shaving with the grain. This will minimize skin irritation or bumps.  Don’t put a lot of pressure on the head shaver and avoid going against the grain for the first few shaves. Give your scalp the time to adjust to being shaved.

Pay attention to the areas behind your ears and at the back of your head. Apply a second layer of lather and and check for the areas that need to be re-shaved. End the shave with cool water to close the pores.

Third Step: Maintenance 

After you made sure that you evenly shaved every angle of your head, tap dry with a towel and apply an aftershave product. Look for a post shave product that will calm and moisturize your scalp. Before getting out into the sun apply sunscreen or you might risk a serious burn as your scalp is not yet fully adjusted.

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