Goatee Styles Can Upgrade Your Look

This facial hair style has been around for years. And like everything that’s around for a certain amount of time, it starts having variations. This is how today there are multiple goatee styles, depending on personal preference.

Basically there are 3 main goatee styles:

simple goatee, full goatee, goatee and mustache

goatee styles

These main goatee styles also have variations, usually depending on the length you prefer to maintain your hair at.

Below you can find a useful video on how to easily trim a beard and goatee following simple steps and guidelines:

In order to trim a goatee the right way and with as little hassle as possible, you’ll either need an electric razor or a beard trimmer.

In my opinion the electric razor is way more up for the challenge because you can achieve a very close shave and some also have built-in trimmers or attachable ones.

The razor that gave me the closest shave, most precision for detail and least skin irritation as possible was Philips Norelco 1280x Sensotouch 3D. I could easily maintain my facial hair using the razor as well on dry skin as on wet one. It was also very convenient because I don’t have to waste my time cleaning the unit. The cleaning system will take care of everything.

Another electric razor that will make a good choice is Panasonic Arc 5 Multiflex. This is a great choice in case you don’t like the rotary razor technology and prefer the foil one.

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