How To Properly Care For Your Shaving Equipment

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In order to benefit as much time as possible from your quality shaving equipment you have to care for it properly. If you are a very practical person and use an electric razor, dry shaves only, then the caring part is more or less nonexistent, because the best razors come with cleaning systems which clean and lubricate your unit. But if you make of shaving more of a ritual and prefer wet shaves, then you need to care properly for your equipment. Otherwise it will stop delivering the high performance you look for. In this sense, you should apply the following tips so you can use your shaving accessories as long as possible and save money, not having to replace them so frequently.

How to care of your shaving brush

Shaving brushes come in different variations. Whichever you choose, do so having one thing in mind: if you invest in a great shaving brush and you don’t take proper care of it, you’re just going to end up spending a lot more money than would be necessary. Save your cash and do simple things in order to prevent damaging your brush.

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One of the biggest mistakes most men make when making lather is that they apply too much pressure, crushing the inner part of the brush. Also when applying the lather don’t apply pressure going in a circular fashion because it results in the bristles twisting, and in increase in the risk of breaking off. Customers are always advised by many manufacturers and shaving retailers to use their brushes in easy back and forth motions. This will assure you will keep the bristles intact and in place. Usually when you’re applying much pressure when lathering, for an extended amount of time, the bristles in the center will probably brake off. On the other hand, the bristles on the margin will be almost untouched.

It’s also very important to clean your brush thoroughly after you shave.  Use enough water to get out of your brush remaining soap or cream and leave it in an open space to dry, to avoid mold that will destroy your brush. Many shavers prefer not to use a stand to hang their brush but generally a stand will make your brush dry while keeping form.

 How to take care of your razor

Make sure to always properly rinse the razor handle after shaving and let it dry in an upright position. A razor cartridge should be changed after 5 to 10 shaves. If you should feel any uncomfortable drag while shaving you should change the cartridge immediately to avoid razor burns. In case you’re using a straight razor always clean and dry your blade after use. A quality razor, when cleaned and dried properly, will last you for extended periods of time.

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