How To Shave Acne Prone Skin

shave acne prone skin

Acne is a skin condition that scientists haven’t really found the exact cause for. It’s suspected there is a mix of causes which leads to breakouts on the surface of your skin. The myth that acne is a teenage problem is often busted because the majority of us have experienced acne from once in a while even through adult years. Mistaken shaving practices can increase skin irritation and cause more breakouts. In case you experience this skin condition it’s important to use a proper shaving technique and use high quality products designated to shave acne prone skin. I have outlined the results of different shaving practices and different shaving products on acne prone skin, so you can use these pieces of advice and solve your problem.

Acne is usually caused, according to dermatologists by a hormonal disorder at the skin level, where sebaceous glands are stimulated to produce more oil than necessary. The excess of oil fills your pores and results into an inflammation, a pimple.

How to reduce excess oil

First and foremost you have to keep your skin clean. This is the basis on which you’ll build. Use a cleaning product designated for oily or acne prone skin. You should wash your face two times per day with a gentle cleanser without scrubbing too hard. This will keep your pores clean and the oil levels normal, without stressing the skin out. Don’t overdo it as it might result into excessive dryness, irritation and in the end you won’t get rid of acne but make it worse.

Remember, keeping your skin clean is the first and most important step.

Using the proper shaving principles

When treating a skin condition like acne, it’s best to shave frequently. When letting the hairs grow in between shaves chances are you might get skin irritation more easily which results in more acne.

When shaving acne prone skin you should follow the next steps:

  • Clean your skin thoroughly using lukewarm water in order to open your pores and softens your hairs.
  • Apply shaving cream, gel, or a pre-shave wash, which states specifically on the label that it’s designed for oily or acne prone skin, preferably
  • Shave using either an electric razor or a manual razor; both do a great job in this case. If choosing a manual razor you need to be more careful when shaving because you can cut your skin more easily than with electric razors. It’s up to you to choose the best razor for you.
  • Wash off any remaining areas of whichever pre shaving product you chose to use
  • Apply a moisturizer for acne prone skin specifically. It will help you balance your skin and keep it hydrated while limiting the amount of oil it produces.

Other pieces of advice to get rid of acne:

  • Have a well balanced diet. An unbalanced diet may lead to a hormonal imbalance which ultimately may lead to, you guessed it, more acne.  
  • Keep your hands clean. People tend to touch their faces more than they acknowledge.

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