How to Shave: Easy 10-Step Guide

how to shave

Judging by the fact that your face is the first thing somebody notices, it’s important to know how to shave properly and take care of your skin. Good techniques and high quality products which suit your skin, are the two factors that will determine the end result. A close shave and the right after shave moisturizer will go a long way to making your skin healthier. And of course, your morning routine will feel more like a comfortable ritual. I’ve put together this guide after talking to barbers and getting their opinions about how to shave the most practical way and what points during the process are of a high importance. Below you will find the best shaving practices put together in a simple guide on how to shave properly.

Easy How to Shave Guide

  1. Wet your beard thoroughly. One of the secrets to a close and clean shave is wetting your beard properly before shaving. The hairs of your beard will absorb approximately 30% of the water and turn weaker. This is an advantage when shaving because it will be way easier to cut every hair as close as possible. I recommend showering before shaving because this way you can make sure that your beard is prepared, but, if the circumstances don’t make showering possible, wash your face and hold a warm and wet towel over your face for a few minutes. The towel technique is one that is used by various barbers. Avoid shaving an a dry skin unless you have an electric razor. Also, don’t apply shaving products to the dry skin and shave because you increase the chances of getting razor burns.
  2. Apply a high quality shaving cream or gel. Opt for a shaving cream or gel that has a high lubricant concentration. The best shaving creams produce a dense and creamy lather and will not foam up to much. As a general rule of thumb, the more foam the shaving cream produces, the less qualitative it is. The goal is to cover your beard and skin as well as possible, this is why the rest that foams up to much is lost. Ideally wait for about a minute after you applied the lather and before shaving, so your hairs will be as wet and soft as possible.
  3. how to shaveDon’t underestimate a quality shaving brush. One of the most important shaving products, despite being underestimated, is the shaving brush. Barbers who know how to shave the proper way recommend a shaving brush because it has two important roles. The first one is creating a rich lather. The second one is applying the lather onto your face. Make sure to cover every angle of your face. When applying the lather, the shaving brush helps to cover the face more evenly and raises the hairs, so they can be cut more easily. So, when you choose a shaving brush make sure it is a combination of softness, to create the lather more easily, and resistance, to raise the hairs of your beard before getting cut.
  4. Apply the lather. After creating a rich lather, using the shaving brush, apply it onto your face in circular motion. Make sure you cover your whole face evenly and thoroughly.
  5. Choose a high quality razor. You will find an abundance of razors on the market. The most important thing, though, is to always use a quality sharp razor blade. Dull razors are one of the most common causes of skin irritation and bumps. Think about it this way, when you’re shaving you’re not only cutting hair, you’re also scraping of 1 to 2 layers of dead skin cells. This is to your advantage, because your skin will be a lot healthier and fresh. Change your blade when it becomes dull. It’s best to change it once every 3 to 10 shaves. If you choose to shave with an electric razor, choose one that has good features and will work on wet & dry skin.
  6. Learn how to shave using the proper technique. There’s a debate on this subject but preferably shave in the direction of hair growth. This will decrease the chance to cause razor bumps. Start with your cheeks, mustache and finish off with your chin area as the hairs are the toughest on the chin and need as much lubrication as possible. Shaving against your hair growth direction will probably give you a closer shave but you increase the chances of getting cut or cause ingrown hairs. Let your beard grow for a few days, if you’re unsure about the direction it grows. Another important tip to remember is to not apply pressure on the razor, because you may end up with skin irritation and you will not increase the quality of your shave significantly.
  7. Secret to improve your shave. This is a technique many barbers use. Have more lather prepared, and once you finished shaving with the grain, apply more lather and shave one more time sideways, or against the grain. Remember to not apply pressure as you may cause razor bumps or skin irritation.
  8. Clean your face after shaving. After you finish shaving, your skin is at its most vulnerable point. This is the right time to wash your face with warm water and apply a facial wash, which will calm your skin.
  9. Rinse & Dry. Rinse your face with cool water. This will close the pores so external factors can’t cause skin irritation. Dry your face using a fresh towel, but avoid rubbing, patting carefully is the best option.
  10. Finish your shave off. At this point your skin is smooth and clean. The layers of skin removed by the blade makes your skin vulnerable. It is very important to apply an after shave lotion or balm to keep your skin’s moisture levels up and avoid dryness. Use an after shave treatment that is designed for men, as men tend to have greasier skin than women.

Now that you’ve read this easy guide on how to shave you should be able to achieve a maximum level of skin health, and decrease the possibilities of shaving problems. Apply these 10 easy steps and you will look and feel your best.

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