Innovations In Razor And Blade Technology

razor and blade technology

Razor and blade technology is evolving at a fast pace. These products, simple in their appearance, hide the results of years of research and development. Big names in the industry have gathered over time an understanding of men and their expectation when it comes to shaving, expectations including but not limited to: precision and comfort.

To understand how razor manufacturers go about development, you must understand that everything starts from you, the consumer. They then, bring together a team of researchers and scientists to study the needs and push the limits to more efficiency.

How do manufacturers innovate razor and blade technology?

Microscopic technology helps scientists observe the interaction of each blade with hairs and skin. Scientific results and the needs of consumers go into an equation, which results into new technology and product concepts tailored to the be more precise and comfortable. This is followed by a long period of continuous testing and measuring of the results. Further, other divisions of the production line will be responsible for transforming concepts into large scale products. So, there’s a long line of steps until an innovation hits each of us.

The last innovation in blade technology are the 5 blade razors. Well, I know, it would be a cliche to say that more is better but in this circumstance, tests show that this is applicable.  The skin forms bulges between blades of a manual razor while applying normal pressure. Thus, five blade razors, with blades spaced closer, compared with three blade razors, with blades spaced further apart, show that bulges of skin in the first case have a smaller height than in the second. Spacing the blades 0.45 mm closer together result in a reduction of bulge height of approximately 40%. This leads to a reduction in friction and skin irritation.

Tests on groups of men, where the test subjects where said to choose one or the other,  show that a majority of over 60% prefer 5 blade to 3 blade razors. They’re argument for their choice was more comfort and precision and less skin irritation comparatively.

The shape of the blade also brings a lot to a more precise and comfortable shave. The narrower a blade is, the easier it can cut through all types of hair with less drag and causing less skin irritation.

So, as test results show, narrower more resistant blades that are positioned closer together bring the shaving experience more precision and comfort.

What to expect in the future

Manufacturers will always try to adapt and innovate their products in order to meet as close as possible consumer needs. Competition is very high, as razor manufacturers not only have different competitors in their niche but also competitors such as electric razor manufacturers. Electric razors have innovated a lot in recent years bringing a big plus in comfort and speed of shave which can be a winning path because today’s consumers live in a hectic environment where daily rituals as shaving must be reduced to a minimal possible time.

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