Keep Your Skin In A Good Shape Throughout Summer

Keep Your Skin In A Good Shape Throughout Summer

Your skin is the biggest organ of your body which protects and regulates your temperature. This outer shield puts up with a lot of stress from external factors such as wind, extreme temperature, sunburn and others. It needs a lot of attention from you because, especially the skin of your face is part of your image, part of the way people perceive you. This is very important, because it can increase or decrease your self-esteem.

Summer, like winter in the opposite corner, takes its toll on your skin. Extreme temperatures and  UV rays dry it out accelerating the aging factor, ending up in wrinkles and other signs of old skin.  There are though steps you can take in order to stay healthy and vigorous throughout summer.

How To Keep Your Skin Healthy, While Enjoying Summer

First and foremost you have to keep your skin hydrated. The high summer temperatures and the rays of the sun dry your skin out to the point where shaving isn’t a comfortable experience anymore. You should always use a post shave treatment like a balm or lotion to moisturize and prevent dehydration, especially during the hottest days of summer.

Is it harmful for your skin to shave everyday?

Shaving can get pretty harmful for your skin if not done the right way. Every time you shave, dead skin cells from the top layer are exfoliated, leaving your face smooth and soft. The problem occurs when you get more off than that almost invisible top layer. This is where razor burns appear. Of course you can avoid this by following simple steps to a proper shave.

First, you should wet your face, although when using an electric razor you don’t need to necessarily. I recommend shaving after shower, when your hairs are soft and the pores of your face are open. This is an advantage in two ways. The blades of either the manual, straight or electric razor you’re using will glide more easily over your face and will catch more easily all the hairs you intend to shave. On the other hand, your pores being open from the hot water, will get more easily cleaned and refreshed by treatments you apply to it. If a shower will take too long and you’re in a hurry, a wet towel applied to your face will result into similar effects.

Second, apply shaving cream or gel, whichever suits you best. There are small differences between them but they don’t influence much the end result, as long as you pay attention not to leave uncovered spots.

Third, shave using the tool that suits you best. This is a debating point. Some men will preach the old school way and use straight razors, others are big fans of disposable razors. In my opinion, the best razor for men is an electric razor. With an electric razor you can have a wet or a dry shave, never think about cleaning the unit, as many come with high performance cleaning systems, and benefit from technology intended to reduce skin irritation.

Fourth, moisturize, especially during the summer months. The lack of stability in skin hydration level will lead to accelerated aging. There are different types of post shaving moisturizers that come in different forms. Whether you use a balm, lotion, or other kind of hydration products, your skin will thank you by staying fresh and young for far more time.

How should you treat your sun-burn skin while shaving?

Especially at the beginning of summer when your skin isn’t used to the summer sun the first contact will result into a higher or lower level of burn. While shaving, use short strokes, and never put a lot of pressure. Avoid shaving against the grain, it may feel painful as well, but the main factor why you shouldn’t do this is to give your skin a break while healing from sun-burn.

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