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Shaving Tips


Beards are one of the classical manly symbols. If you’re like most men, you probably think about growing a beard once in a while. The problem is that even if you can grow a full beard, the hard part is maintaining it in a well enough condition for it to compliment your look. This is […] Read more

Philips Norelco NT9130

There are certain things that change when getting older. Sure, you’ll get a deeper understanding of the world, but you also get to grow hair in unwanted places. Most men do, it’s nothing abnormal. But the fact that you didn’t plan on having that hair, doesn’t mean it will just fall off. Action on your […] Read more

best straight razor brands featured

Choosing a high quality straight razor is a pretty hard task, and more so if you never used a straight razor before. If you are a wet shaver and had a similar journey to most wet shavers, then you probably started out with a mass produced razor like the Gillette disposable razor. Once you got […] Read more

Feather Razor Blades NEW Hi-stainless Double Edge

If you have or just bought a safety razor, then you probably are looking for the best double edge razor blades that you can find. Honestly, any blade will get the job done but you want a blade that will last longer and will do the best possible job. Before going into details about those […] Read more

Edwin Jagger Rn46 Traditional Black Porcelain Shaving Soap

Shaving bowls are not the most complicated products. There aren’t hidden features that you should take into account when choosing the best shaving bowl. There are only few aspects that you should consider. You should definitely take the depth of the bowl into account. It should be able to hold the lather while you’re preparing […] Read more

Parker Silvertip Badger Bristle Shaving Brush

If you just decided to start wet shaving, then you also need a shaving brush, in order to have the most comfortable experience. You probably wonder which is the best shaving brush. There are many high quality brushes out there, but some are priced unreasonably high, so we left out those products that we thought […] Read more

best shaving creams for men

We decided to do some research on shaving creams, this way answering the big number of requests we received. It looks like people are enjoying our recommendations in electric razors and safety razors, and want to find out which are, according to our opinion, the best shaving creams for men on the market right now. […] Read more

electric shaver vs razor

There are many pros and cons to using both an electric shaver and a razor. A person’s decision on what method they would like to use is typically based on price, comfort, and maintenance. The following list will break down the pros and cons of each method while discussing price, comfort level, closeness of shave, […] Read more

DOVO, GB Buckingham & Sons 506B 6-8 Col Conk Straight Razor with Full Shaving Set

While electric razors used to be under the standards of manual razors, they have seen a lot of progress during recent years. Now, they’re just the better whole package when thinking about shaving. Besides the fact that they are comfortable and you’re able to perform a complete shave in just a couple of minutes, many […] Read more

how to wet shave

As everything else, shaving has adapted to the times. Due to limited time in the morning between waking up and going to work, most men have let themselves driven by aggressive marketing campaigns and the fine art of how to wet shave was almost lost on the way. Recently, though, together with the appearance of […] Read more