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Shaving Tips

Shaving is not everyone\’s favorite activity, so the right shaving tools and knowledge-base can go a long way towards a better morning routine. Browse through our articles in this section and find useful shaving tips and opinions on different aspects of shaving and grooming.

how to shave with an electric razor

If you would like to learn how to shave with an electric razor, you’re in the right place. Theoretically, using an electric razor is the most convenient and efficient way to shave. But so many men, across the world, don’t get the results that they do with a simple blade and shaving cream. With the […] Read more

dealing with shaving irritation

Shaving irritation can occur in many different circumstances and can take up many different forms. The skin is a sensitive organ that can react differently to a shave, depending on the type of razor you’re using. Some people experience skin irritation after using manual razor blades. Others can’t stand electric razors. But generally there are […] Read more

goatee styles

This facial hair style has been around for years. And like everything that’s around for a certain amount of time, it starts having variations. This is how today there are multiple goatee styles, depending on personal preference. Basically there are 3 main goatee styles: simple goatee, full goatee, goatee and mustache These main goatee styles […] Read more

There comes a time in some men’s lives when the need of a head shaver arises. It doesn’t matter if the cause is partial baldness or the desire to make a change of style, the important thing is you should choose a high quality product that is easy to use. The right head shavers combined […] Read more

Judging by the fact that your face is the first thing somebody notices, it’s important to know how to shave properly and take care of your skin. Good techniques and high quality products which suit your skin, are the two factors that will determine the end result. A close shave and the right after shave […] Read more

Most men love using straight razors for a couple of reasons. First, it simplifies the shaving process, the experience being very comfortable and easy, once you get the technique right. Secondly, there are different types of straight razors on the market. Depending on your preferences and the amount of money you are willing to spend, […] Read more

shave acne prone skin

Acne is a skin condition that scientists haven’t really found the exact cause for. It’s suspected there is a mix of causes which leads to breakouts on the surface of your skin. The myth that acne is a teenage problem is often busted because the majority of us have experienced acne from once in a […] Read more


Shaving evolution began during the middle ages and the prehistoric times and still goes on up to date. That is from plucking out hairs to the now common electric shaving. It is believed that the earliest men used to pluck out hairs using shells and then later replaced that habit by using flint razors which […] Read more

sensitive skin

Sensitive skin is one of the most widespread skin condition among people. 40% of all men and 50% of women fall under this category. For most people, including me, sensitive skin starts to be a problem during teenage years. The poor grooming practices that many of us had during our teenage years just blew the […] Read more

razor and blade technology

Razor and blade technology is evolving at a fast pace. These products, simple in their appearance, hide the results of years of research and development. Big names in the industry have gathered over time an understanding of men and their expectation when it comes to shaving, expectations including but not limited to: precision and comfort. […] Read more