Wet and Dry Shaving

Wet and dry shaving are two different techniques for the same job. Although there are some differences between them, with some of the razors available on the market, both are as easy. Being a daily (or almost daily) ritual, most men sort out a technique which works best for them, seeking a smooth shave without burns and other forms of skin irritation.

The essential difference between wet and dry shaving is what it’s name implies, the use of water. Of course it’s not only water you use, the use of shaving creams & gels makes your experience more pleasurable and your skin less irritated.

Wet shaving is more of a ritual than dry shaving and it’s the primary method men shaved for many years. Wet shaving implies the use of many other accessories and and as any ritual it demands some time.

 A proper wet shave gives you a refreshing feeling that will last you all day long. It is a real treatment for your skin, removing dead skin particles, cleaning out your pores and hydrating you skin.

In order to have a proper wet shave you have to wet your face thoroughly and apply shaving cream or gel. Usually, your grandpa might have used a razor blade but you can adapt the ritual to our days, especially with so many electric razors on the market that deliver with precision and consistency, as much when using them for a wet shave as for a dry shave. Facts go in favor of the electric razor, it’s much easier to use, without getting cut and it gives you the option of either a wet shave or a dry shave. On top of this it’s much more practical because most of these products come with a cleaning system which does all the dirty work for you.

Ideally a wet shave should be undertaken after having a shower because due to the hot water the pores are open, the face muscles are relaxed, the hairs of the beard are softer and the blades can cut more precisely. If this is not possible you should wrap your face into a wet towel to mimic the bathing process.

After shaving all the parts of your face to perfection, you have to clean the remaining parts of shaving cream or gel with water and apply an aftershave or a hydrating cream. This will ensure your skin is well hydrated and reduces irritation.

Dry shaving on the other hand is a more comfortable, quicker and less messy experience. It didn’t use to be thought of as the optimal way to shave because the precision just wasn’t the same. Out of the electric razors available on the market, a number of them deliver a very close and smooth shave. This is crucial when you have to repeat this ritual every morning before going to work when time is very valuable and scarce. Sometimes you just need to move quickly to enjoy more of the time with your loved ones at the breakfast table.

Skin irritation used to be a problem when dry shaving. Top of the line electric razors will deliver a precision dry shave that will leave no skin irritation and in less than a couple of minutes. The units are cleaned and lubricated by their cleaning system, which means the razor will glide over your skin just like having a wet shave.

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